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Defectivehorn keeper here, I REFUSE to ever use a himehorn egg to make cakes. I have a good grocery store just a short drive from my home and if I had too, I can raise chickens for the eggs that way. Besides, I am getting them to like brownies lately anyway.

More like this, then? =w=
Defectivehorn keeper here I REFUSE to ever use a himehorn egg to make cakes I

Defectivehorn keeper here, I don't consider myself as an Apostle. But if trying to be a good follower of Lord Jesus Christ makes me into being an Apostle, so be it. I want to do the right thing for human and herd alike.

Hmm, almost a templar, but also a friend to defective hornscum. You are a strange creature with a foot in both worlds, cakeist!
Defectivehorn keeper here I dont consider myself as an Apostle But if trying to

Defectivehorn keeper here, I see you have a number of new strips out now. Thank you again for making them. However, I do wear a hat often, it's just not quite that big. But you are correct, when I or my family give head pats to the himehorns, it calms them down. They do like it.

Defectivehorn keeper... were you the Apostle all along!?

How do himehorns go around their bathroom related activities? Do they have "toilets" and stuff? How smallhorns learn to go to the "toilet"?

In the caves, they poop in in the fields to fertilize them. Back when himehorns lived in herdtrees, they'd poop near the outer roots of the herd tree. Smallhorns (like all himehorns) have an instinct about where and when it's safe to poop.
How do himehorns go around their bathroom related activities Do they have


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