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Do Himehorns have any pets?

Nope. They see small animals as a food source -- especially the musclehorns (they wouldn't mind eating a dog or cat raw).

Wait, so the vampires get hurt in the sunlight or what? Does that just mean they stay at home all day during the day chilling out?

Pretty much. Bikky was trying to travel the bat all the way north where it's totally dark at all times, but they're stuck in Enna's domain where it's dark about 9 months out of the year. ... Of course, the bat prefers to stay inside and play games anyway, but it's a lot safer under Enna's protection. There's another reason they gotta be there, too, but you'll find out about that later.

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Personally, I don't know if happy ending are good for a story or not but they're great at the end of a massage! I bet Snax gives Bikky lots of massages. =D

Personally I dont know if happy ending are good for a story or not but theyre

When was Vampire Bride supposed to be finished? Or did the original ending never come about due to your expanded interest?

I was just going to do a few small 4komas about the daily life of a templar and her vampire waifu -- maybe 20 small strips, just slice of life stuff. But it very quickly became more than that. Around the time Enna appeared it became clear that I had a lot of stuff to explore and I was actually excited about my own work again. Now I'm committed to seeing the project out. Could be a couple hundred pages to get the meat of Bikky's story, but there's a lot more to explore -- the snowhorn's story, Sigrid's side, himehorn slice of life strips, Enna's daughters' shopping trips, the various other factions in the world, a library girl side story that I want to do...
There's so much material. Too much! I gotta get the important stuff done first.
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How aware are the templars of entropy and such? Is it roughly equivalent to 1500-1600 Europe, or is it more modern than that? Are they aware that they're eventually fuggled whatever they do?

Everyone knows the end will come, but it's not much different than things are now -- everyone knows the sun will burn up the earth, but it's too far off in the distance to make much of an impact on anyone. The vampires are the real problem, along with all the problems of daily life and matters internal to The City.
The exception is the inner guardianship (they worry about extremely long term things) and a few eccentrics that frequent the public shelves of the Great Hall.

"Those types of games"?

Collectable online mobile games -- I used to work in mobile games so I really hate the stuff.

My last name is Horn. If I name my first daughter Hime, do I get a prize? What if I name my second Snow, too?

Your prize will be the waves and waves of perverse pleasure that will wash over you as your daughters receive a lifetime of nohorn bullying.

Hey Dan, do you play Kancolle? I want to seem some Dan-inspired shipfuck art!

Nope, never played it, not really interested in it. I have a special aversion to those types of games.

Why do so many of your comics look unfinished? Do you plan to go back and redo the sketchy / placeholder looking parts, or is this deliberate?

Originally Vampire Bride was supposed to be a quick distraction that I didn't care about, but the world and storylines have exploded. My own interest in the project has exploded, too. I'm going to put more effort into the pages.
Ideally I want pages to look like this:
or this:
Oh, as for T42R and Nana, it's just how I drew it.

Fold then blend then whip a combination of milk, butter, and confectioners sugar. Add coco or vanilla extract for flavor. Experiment until you get it right, learning can be fun, little Hime horns, learning can be fun.

You know, I should have a scene where Snowhorn learns about cakes from her nohorn husbando. It's the most delicious things she's ever eaten... but there's just that one pieces and no more. She'll be so sad, but thankful at the same time. Then she'll dream about cake on their long journey... ...
Fold then blend then whip a combination of milk butter and confectioners sugar

"Just finding a planet and a living star this late in the game is a miracle among miracles." Wow. It seems this takes place near the end of all ends. Not long before an old cold dead universe contracts into a super singularity. Can Algis save humanity from this or...squish it's over with?

Who knows? For mere mortals, that's still a long way off. Besides, the vampires pose a far greater immediate threat. But you know, there's a story from the ancient past about a man who lived and died and lived again... his blood and grace are their weapons against the vampire... ... if they hang on, maybe something good will happen...?
Well. Only the witches know for sure. Nothing to do but keep on fighting...
Just finding a planet and a living star this late in the game is a miracle among

"The frosting is especially mysterious. What kind of animal makes that?" Just tell them the frosting is bird poop and watch them trying to squeeze birds for poop then eat it. Let the hilarity begin! (gets popcorn)

Never trust a nohorn!!!
The frosting is especially mysterious What kind of animal makes that Just tell
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I could show them how we make frosting, if you know what I mean...

L-look at what you've done! You embarrassed a musclehorn!
You monster!
I could show them how we make frosting if you know what I mean

Are himehorns capable of making cakes, or is that an exotic luxury good from the land of nohorns? The answer on himehorn cuisine seems to indicate the latter...

It's a wonderfood from another world as far as they're concerned. Nothing they've ever seen in nature is so sweet and fluffy and delicious. The frosting is especially mysterious. What kind of animal makes that? Strange.
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I just imagined a small blind hornmother calling for the leedaah or her sisters, all alone, on the surface. Dan! You monster! Why do you create cute stuff only to make them suffer?! I'm going to make a wish fulfillment comic about me rescuing all the defective himehorns and it will be extremely cute

Nature is cruel, anon... and so am I!
I just imagined a small blind hornmother calling for the leedaah or her sisters

Are Haremhorn loli-culling standards relaxed in certain circumstances? Maybe when resources are plentiful so they don't mind keeping them around, or in dangerous times when they need as many eggs as they can crank out?

Egg laying and egg patterns change according to the stresses the herd is placed under. When food is short, fewer total eggs are laid and a lower proportion of those eggs are energy-intensive musclehorns and hornmothers. When musclehorns are killed (usually from battle) more a greater proportion of musclehorns are produced, etc.
The actual culling practices of the haremhorns don't change much, but there's a little wiggle room, especially if the smallhorn is a hornmother. They'll let things like slightly curly hair or a slightly unusual horns through the door. A slightly defective musclehorn is just not worth keeping around, sadly -- too energy intensive and it won't pull its own weight. And a defective haremhorn underperforming in her caretaking duties would seriously harm the herd -- that can't be allowed.

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Didn't Algis take entropy into consideration so that her people hundreds of generations later wouldn't find themselves left on a hopelessly dieing frozen world someplace fighting for survival against insane infected undead?

Beggars can't be choosers, anon! Just finding a planet and a living star this late in the game is a miracle among miracles. Only the great witch Algis could bring this to pass! Break out the offerings! Crack open those melons!


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