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How all dis thing about himehorns, witches, no-horns and golden hair begun? How did you think this?

It spun out of On The Subject of Witches, a Tomoyo42 strip about the last ark of humanity, several failed attempts at a Cupcake strip, and an old dead comic about a NEET vampire living with shrine maidens.
Let that be a lesson to y'all -- don't mind the failures along the way, that's all part of the process.

How many times do you hit the snooze button before getting up?

Kukuku! I sleep in as long as I want! Then I stay up as long as I want!
And when I'm awake I draw comics as long as I want!

If I took a musclehorn to a kegger, would she become a brohorn?

NegativeSilence’s Profile PhotoArtemi
>If I taught a himehorn how to tend a garden, would she be a growhorn?
>If a hornmother took up being a lighthouse keeper, would she be known as a glowhorn?
>If a musclehorn hurt her foot while lifting, would they take her to a toehorn specialist?
>If a himehorn took in a bunch of pet birds, would they call her a crowhorn?
>If a hornmother tears her cloak, do they take it to a local sewhorn?
>Are himehorns related to Ur-Devils at all? Or do you just like to draw horny girls?
ATTAR... wait what huh?
A.... artemi...?

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Are hornmothers pampered until death or are they ushered out when they are no longer useful?

They're pampered until death, but haremhorns change their behaviour a bit once the hornmother stops producing eggs -- more rest and quiet, lighter meals, \snacks are requested rather than scheduled, and indulgences (like sweet foods or alcohol) are not restricted (though at that age hornmothers would really rather sleep than eat/drink anyway).
When a hornmother dies her body is prepared by the haremhorns and burnt during a funeral feast. The bones and ashes are committed to the grounds where the all-important nesting grasses grow. From there, they will continue to be part of the herd.

How long before the Himehorns get conquered by the superior Snowhorn race and their husbando-slaves?

I'm giving her a side comic! Prepare yourself for comfy heart warming adventures as snowhorn and husbando make the long trek to Enna's Domain and get into trouble along the way.

How did you learn to draw comics? Like paneling and all that?

Started with 4 komas, worked my way up from there. I'm still garbage at it, though. Another ten years might do the trick.

You are an amazing awesome person for knowing the game Haunting Ground, I want to have your cupcake.

I don't think I can support another a cutest... but here I go! Please preheat your oven to 350 F ... ;w;

Her horns must be a beautiful thing by the time a Hornmother is old and sleeping all day. Can their horns get as tall as the Hornmother herself?

Maximum horn size and shape varies a lot, but they can get very large (see the original himehorn leader):
Her horns must be a beautiful thing by the time a Hornmother is old and sleeping

How long would a healthy, well fed himehorn live?

A hornmother can live up to 30 years! Most get to around 24-25.
You can tell a hornmother is getting old when she stops laying eggs and wants to sleep all day.

Are there any traditional Himehorn musical instruments? Do they even music?

The hornmothers love to sing and dance, especially during feasts.
No musical instruments, but if a song and dance party gets them excited they'll use whatever's around to make some extra noise -- sticks, empty pots, etc.
The haremhorns hum little tunes to the smallhorns to lull them to sleep. Sometimes an especially childish (or sick) hornmother will whine and demand the same.

Wait wait. You implied you used to know a DND system. What ruleset ARE you familiar with?

I have the 2nd edition DM's guide, monstrous manual, Arms & Equipment guide, and DM Option: High Level Campaigns in my closet. All in very good condition!
It's funny, but with all that investment, I only ever ran two campaigns -- both of 'em when I was a little kid, and just with my neighbours (also kids). I enjoyed reading the monstrous manual and making up campaign worlds more than actually running the campaigns. I had binders full of notes, maps, and encounters... ....
... not much has changed, I guess!
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Oh no! Is Bikky's slowly becoming a vampire due to her potent anti-blood? Is that where her spooky eye came from? Can nothing save her?

She's okay! Her life scarf protects her. Mostly.

So what you're saying is that a hornmother's entire adult life is essentially an extended mating ritual? That's pretty lewd.

Big black horns polished by two haremhorns at a time...!
Non-stop hair combing action!
The straightest himecuts you'll ever see...!

Can we get a pic of a hornmother giving birth? Nothing graphic per say but I'd like to see the process (himehorns running around screaming and crying because they don't know what to do)

I'll add it as a bonus comic at the end of the chapter!
... Actually, I may just make a "Himehorn's daily life" side comic at this point...

So himehorns are basically parthenogenetic, in that they reproduce without males and can have offspring differing to the point of genera. Are they like whiptail lizards in that to achieve maximum fecundity, a mating ritual still occurs, with roles according to hormonal cycles (pre/post egg laying)?

There's no mating ritual as such, but the hornmothers definitely lay more and healthier eggs when the haremhorns pamper them properly.

One of my coworkers just said "who likes a cake without frosting?" and I had to stop myself from calling them out for lewdness. What do you think?

I think you deserve a cake day today. =3=

And what kind of hit points and damage ranges would we be looking at for himehorns? I would imagine Musclehorns would be far more durable and hit a lot harder than Haremhorns and Motherhorns.

HP: 1d8 + 5
Attacks: [punch 1d4] [skewer 1d6] [bodycheck 1d4] [bite 1d6, only available while grappling]
All attacks have strength damage bonus (18 str)
HP: 1d4
Attacks: [punch 1d2] [bite 1d4, only available while grappling]
Ability: [Alarm Scent - attracts musclehorns when in danger]
HP: 1d4
Attacks: [punch 1d2] [bite 1d4, only available while grappling]
Ability: [Alarm Scent - attracts musclehorns when in danger]
[Nohorn Dance - taunts enemy, -1 to enemy attack rolls]
Hornmother Leader
HP: 1d4+1
Attacks: [punch 1d2] [bite 1d4, only available while grappling]
Ability: [Alarm Scent - attracts musclehorns when in danger]
[Nohorn Dance - taunts enemy, -1 to enemy attack rolls]
[Leader Scent - musclehorns within 100 yards gain +1 to attack and saving throws]
HP: 1d2
Attacks: none
Abillity: [Alarm Scent - attracts musclehorns when in danger]

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Technical cloaca question. Reptiles and Monotreme can have a secretory organ cloacal gland used in scent-marking behavior. Do Himehorn have this and what role in the Himehorn behaviors(social?) does it have?

The himehorns can tell each other apart by smell -- in fact, they use that (plus their rank in the pecking order) instead of names. The only exception is the leader, who is just "leader".

I guess what I enjoy is knowledge; I'm a big reader, and I like writing (although I've hit a wall/writer's block) and minus the occasional /tg/ quest I've written nothing in quite a while. But even with reading and writing, there's nothing...burning there, I guess. Simmering, but not passionate burn

Well, not sure what to say. A lot of my most passionate projects were also angst projects ... but I don't think you can really manufacture angst.
If anyone reading this wants to reply with some suggestions, that'd be great.

Another really dumb question came to mind but, dang it, I can't ignore it. Do the Himehorn eggs have any color variations like bird eggs can? What color(s) are normal for Himehorn eggs?

Usually off-white with some brown specks, but this can vary depending on diet, stress, etc. A heavily speckled egg is an auspicious sign!

You seem so passionate about your comics. How does one become passionate about something? I've got nothing.

To be honest, I'm not really sure. There was never any point where I tried to get passionate about drawing -- it just kind of gripped me. At first, I just wanted to goof around and draw silly pictures, but then I wanted to make stories to go along with the pictures, and then I started using the comics as a way to work out my thoughts and feelings about various things, then it started to consume other parts of my life... and before I knew it more than 20 years had passed. And I'm still drawing.
I imagine disposition (or having the right neural kinks, if you like) has something to do with it. Passion, obsession, addiction -- all these things go hand in hand. Some rats get tired of hitting the switch over and over again -- other rats can't get enough of it. I've always had a very strong obsessive streak.
If you've already tried a bunch of different activities, maybe you need to dig down and figure out what you enjoy in the abstract --Is it competition? Novelty? Adrenaline? Skill mastery? Gaining higher status? Dominating others? Caring and nurturing? Forming social bonds? Building a system? Solving a problem?
If you don't enjoy anything at all, you may simply need to burn in the necessary circuits. That is, pick an activity and then train mercilessly until you enjoy it.
Sorry if this wasn't very helpful... I honestly don't have much to say here...
If someone reading this has some advice for this anon, please post!

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