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Well now that we've confirmed that Himehorn cloacas are stretchy, how many dragon dildos can you fit into a Himehorn at once? (You have only yourself to blame, you could have stopped this.)

Don't stick strange things in there. You'll cause an infection or crush their eggs!

Could Himehorns replace the green folk from Etrian Odyssey? Reclusive, in tune with nature, hostile to no-horn outsiders ravaging their living space for shit to sell. Musclehorns are practically FOEs.

Works for me. Bikky and the bat could be the reoccurring midboss characters.
Templar Guardian Pyro
Gwup Gunner
[The City: inn, shop, barracks, etc.]
Outer City
Frozen Waste
Himehorn Caves
[himehorn resting spot + shop + apostle that grants subclasses]
Ancient Paradise
Enna's Domain
Vampire Afterscape (post game dungeon)
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Do Himehorn roast everything over fire? If not do they cook with pots? Metal pots or earthen jars/pots?

Roasted, boiled in one of the hot lakes, or baked in a clay oven. That's the traditional way. They have some metal pans and tools -- gifts from the from the witch-apostle -- but they're only used for the leader's food.

Since Cupcake won't give you any, will Darkcake? Seeing as she's the lewder and more uninhibited version of Cupcake.

She's a hard-working and studious young magical girl, anon!

I think I'm confused on who is related to who in the Kim-Cake family. Is Darkcake, like, the stepdaughter?

Illegitimate daughter who lives in the poor part of town.

What junk food could you never give up?

Cake, alcohol, the various pastries around Montreal -- I'm not giving any of that up. Come at me, diabetes!

...Does Pancake want to be a meido when she grows up?

NegativeSilence’s Profile PhotoArtemi
She wants to be the embodiment for hope.
If she can't be that, she'll be a doctor, a nurse, or maybe a schoolteacher! Even a daycare would be fine, since she just likes helping other people... but... but still.... she'd like to live a more comfortable life than she has now... ... maybe getting married to a hard-working guy with a good salary and being a good housewife would be fine... then she could have the full family she never had...
Darkcake sadness.

"Musclehorns just obey and are happy to do so, haremhorns live to serve, and hornmothers may bicker amongst themselves but always defer to the leader, who is the will of the herd" Sounds like I need to get a harem of himehorns. They all seem subservient and submissive enough. YOU DO THIS TO US DAN.

Musclehorns just obey and are happy to do so haremhorns live to serve and

If I throw rocks at a marauding herd of himehorns, will they be scared off?

>Throw rock
You hit the musclehorn!
Musclehorn takes 1 damage.
Musclehorn is charging....!
>Throw rock
You hit the musclehorn!
Musclehorn takes 1 damage.
Musclehorn used SKEWER
You are dead.
Replay? [Y/N]

City people don't know that chickens eat ANYTHING, even other chickens and their hatch-lings. Not that Himehorn are chickens but it wouldn't surprise me if an invading herd actually ate many of the other herd and/or the hatch-lings of those they took territory away from.

We grimdark now.
Himehorns confirmed for meat-eating locusts.

It sounds like Himehorns have no sense of remorse, do they?

Well, they can feel sad and regretful. For example, a hornmother can be really sad there's no cake or regret eating that twelfth piece of pie... but would she feel remorseful about eating that other hornmother's pie? They might have something "close" (if that means anything), but it probably wouldn't be the same feeling we have as nohorns. They're a different kind of creature, so their internal life is going to be pretty alien in some ways.

>Himehorns eating people || This is why we make omlettes out of their eggs and veal of their young Dan,

Punish the hornscum! Rekindle the terror in their hearts or they'll run wild again...!

Do himehorns have names, or is it just lee~dah and everything falls in place?

Names are for nohorns. There's the leader, and everyone knows everyone else's smell and rank in the pecking order, and that's that.
It would be interesting to see how a himehorn separated from the herd would react to a name, though. Something to explore with albino snowhorn-chan...
Do himehorns have names or is it just leedah and everything falls in place

Wait, so himehorns can just decide to start killing and bullying one just for the fun of it?

What the himehorns lack is a capacity to link up behaviour modification with a certain kind of specialized reason-giving. Musclehorns just obey and are happy to do so, haremhorns live to serve, and hornmothers may bicker amongst themselves but always defer to the leader, who is the will of the herd.
They wouldn't start killing each other, but not because it's immoral or because they don't have a good reason, but because that's just not what they do. Just like a school of fish don't have a debate about where to swim, the herd doesn't need a debate about what to do -- they just do it.

Do Himehorns have a system of morals and/or ethics?

That's a nohorn peculiarity. Nohorns have to answer to other nohorns, so they need "Reasons Why" as well as special tools to inspect, share, and modify those reasons (and the tools themselves). But the herd answers only to itself, so that kind of specialized tool use never emerged.
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What is the best thing named after France? (E.g. French fries, French toast, French presses, French kisses, French maids, etc.)

French toast made with French bread!
My apartment is above a really wonderful bakery -- the dude that runs it studied under a Michelin star chef in France and man. The pastries, the baguettes, the cakes -- everything is great. And it's all very reasonably priced. Occasionally I'll get a baguette or some white bread and make a nice french toast (or I'll just tear off big pieces and eat it with lightly salted butter, jam, or toast it).
And the best part is that they use the apartment elevator to transport their bread in the morning, so if you go downstairs at around 5:30 am, everything smells like fresh bread, butter, danishes, etc.
I'll probably live the rest of my days out in Montreal. I'm okay with this.


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