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how would musclehorns react to John Cena? what if before they interacted the musclehorns saw John Cena pick up and put down heavy things like he was made to do nothing else, Cena then spots the musclehorns and attempts yo offer heavy things for them to pick up and put down

They'd be very interested in these heavy things that can be picked up and be put back down again. But why is a nohorn doing that? And why does it look different from all the other nohorns they've seen? Very chunky. What a mysterious creature. Maybe they should eat it?

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What would the himehorns think of Nana? Some kind of mutant himehorn that should be exposed to the elements and left to die, or a nohorn in disguise?

Weird and spooky animal! The musclehorns might bully her to death or even eat her.

At what point in their growth do haremhorns and musclehorns loose poncho privileges? Because the smallhorn version have their cute little clothes yet the older ones go nude, do they just decide they don't need them at some point, or is it once they start doing their jobs or something?

Once the blanket feels too hot they'll take it off and start running around naked. Normally this takes a couple months. The musclehorns never have trouble ditching the blanket (in fact, they'll often kick it off and try to brave the cold -- it's a bit of a problem) but sometimes the haremhorns have to wean a clingy haremhorn off her blanket. The clingy ones tend to become higher ranking haremhorns though -- they're only too happy to return to the nest.

>Please let the smallhorn hatch...! || Well, if you insist. Veal is alright too.

One day, nohorn.... one day you'll get what's coming to you...!! MMUUGGRR!!
Please let the smallhorn hatch  Well if you insist Veal is alright too

what was the last time you rewatched CCS?

It's been many years now. I don't really have a reason to rewatch it -- besides, I have comics to do!

Himehorn eggs. About the size of an ostrich egg? I think those little 4 foot Himehorns would explode. Mental image: "Grunt...gruUUuunt", "EeeeaaahhhHHH....!" * BANG *

Not quite that big, but pretty big!
Anyway, they're stretchy. They can take it.

Since the Himehorn are now living underground, how do they know/judge their day and knight cycles?

It's knight time when the templar come to bully them.
Seriously though, the herd's activities are synchronized to the hornmothers' egg-laying cycles. They all tend to lay their eggs when they wake up, and they all tend to sleep at the same time (except for recreational naps). The hornmothers are the heartbeat of the herd.
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Is it really 'bullying' when it's coming from a tsundere? Or is it just tough love?

Let's just call it "tsun" and leave it at that.

What is your favorite brand of gin?

I'm fine with Beefeater. Bombay Sapphire is not my cup of tea.
Those are actually the only two brands I've tried. Any recommendations?

I can relate to enjoying the company but only for limited time. My reason may be different though. If someone wants to talk for more than an hour, it just becomes mentally taxing and physically draining. It actually to hurts. (My 2 cents on room mates.)

Yeah, I hear ya, brah.
I can enjoy it, but I need a rest after.
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So motherhorns fight each other to no be the leader?

They try to avoid sticking out. The herd instinctively knows who'll make a good candidate, though.

If you get a weaboo as a roommate, he/she sure will not bring people over and you can bully it all you want

Nah, I really don't like having people in my living space.


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