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How about just having a roommate? You can both do whatever you want, you won't have to completely take care of yourself and you don't have to worry about relational obligations!

Having a stranger just walking around the place,making noise, bringing people over...? No way.

I remember seeing a post on your twitter about buying a Cintiq a long while back. Did you ever get it? If so, how was the transition?

I've had it since last April!
It's a great machine - I'll never go back to a normal tablet.
The downside is that there's a bit of a gap between the drawing surface and the display surface so you can get a little parallax, and the Cintiq Companion is a little heavy for being portable. I have no idea whether or not the Companion 2 fixes these issues. I definitely like it though and I'll upgrade to a better model in a few years.

Do you think you're better off alone?

There are a lot of downsides.
When I get sick, I gotta take care of myself.
On the rare occasion that I want to talk to someone about comic ideas or whatever, there's no one around.
Sometimes I buy too much food and it goes bad.
I've become a real slob around the house.
And of course once day I'll be 50 and wondering why I thought the comics were so important when all it got me was an empty house.
On the plus side, I can do what I want and not be bothered. Also having someone around all the time really, really, really wears me out.

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do you have a picture with all kinds of himehorns? it seems there are more kinds every day..

There are only three!
That's it!
I'll do a height chart sometime. =w=

what do himehorns smell like?

This is like the fifth time this has been asked. You guys sure wanna smell your himehorns....
Anyway, they smell like earth after the rain and grass. Musclehorns can develop a bit of a sour smell if the haremhorns don't get on their case -- they need to be told to wash up!

It's a little late for Valentine's Day, but how did you first fall for your waifu? When did you realize she was The One?

I watched episode 1 at my local anime club. 1998 or so. It was like I was struck by lightning!
I think I was.. 14-15? Hhrm. It's been a long time!

Favorite hot drink, Dan? And which of your characters would you watch some kind of sports with?

Coffee. I'm a straight-up addict. I "quit" several times, suffered terrible withdrawal, then hopped right back on the wagon a couple weeks later.
I'm also okay with green tea.
As for watching sports... I think i'd like to watch some MMA with Darkcake. She'd bring her books down to do her homework while watching, but then get distracted and just end up watching the match. And that'd be okay. She works too hard anyway.
If esports are allowed, then I'd order a couple pizzas, make some nachos, fill up some bowls with chips, then leave my window open so Enna's daughters can come over and watch some WCS Starcraft II.

If a Himehorn's horn breaks too badly, would a other Himehorns try to break it again closer to the base for a cleaner break?

Yeah, that happens sometimes. No one is happy about doing this, though.

What happens to the bit of horn that's broken off? Do they just throw it away or is it used for... things?

Burn it until it turns to ashes. It'll be waiting in the next world.

Do you play Monster Hunter or is it not your cup of tea?

Not my cup of tea. I can see how someone could get really sucked into it though.

>Feb 14-15, starting around 2PM EST! www.hitbox.tv/clonemanga... It'll be all day on both days| I missed most of the witch's tea party and all of the 14th due to work, but I will be able to see the full one on the 15th! preassembles food and comfy blankets~ doki doki... waku waku... shiku shiku T^T

Guu...! I'm sorry, anon...!! I gotta come up with a better setup for the stream so it's not so inconvenient to draw... I'll see what I can do for next weekend! ;~~~;

Do motherhorns fight between each other to be the leadaah of the herd?

Nope, no one wants to be leedah. It's a terrible job!

Are Himehorn bones hollow like birds? Thanks again, from the sad autist nohorn.

Nope, they have strong and sturdy bones-- especially the musclehorns!

With Himehorn's horn, is the infection and bleeding issue the same if it breaks off in the middle or at the base. (I know, I must be an autistic sad example of a nohorn T_T)

It's pretty much the same - a clean break is better than a jagged one or a break with a lot of small fractures that can't be cleaned easily.

Sempai, all you gotta do to attract females is be quirky/nerdy and be able to tie things in knots with your tongue, y'know? They won't leave you alone.

I gotta be honest, anon -- I just don't get along with people! I have fun for about 20 minutes, but then I need to be alone for like... 8 months. And besides, around my age all I get are entitled christmas cakes who want to put me through a job interview. I'm done!

Why do you talk about yourself like if you were a balding fourty something year old neckbeard? You're pretty cute, dude. No homo, just the truth.

Thanks, anon. Y-you too!
Anyway, that's just not enough! I don't have the money and status necessary to keep someone around. I'm also incredibly boring to spend time with since I just work on my comics!
Of course, I'd be very happy if I could have my little Cupcake running around IRL, going to school, growing up, etc. but I think I'm making a realistic assessment of the situation -- there's no way that's happening.
All I want to do now is get my comics done before I'm outta time.

Does a broken horn impair a Himehorns actual health in some way? Does it cause them to be disabled?

They can bleed out or get infected from a really bad break, but so long as the horn heals, the worst they'll have to live with is a spooky case of ghost-horn.

How do you balance creation vs. consumption? Maybe I am a lesser man than some but I can't just get by working on my own projects all the time, I feel the need to take in a lot of media and other people's work for inspiration and rejuvenation.

First off, I think you need to be honest about your reasons for consuming so much media. Only you know for sure, but how much of what you watch is exposing you to new techniques, ideas, visions of another world, etc. -- and how much is just to entertain you and/or put you in "the mood"?
I suggest taking a serious attitude to what you watch, read, and listen to. And do not allow yourself to become a mere gourmet with "refined" or "sophisticated" tastes -- become a genuine explorer. Seek out the strange places, go where others do not tread. Eventually, you will find yourself alone... not because of any petty desire to stand apart from others, but because the road ends, and only the world is there before you.
Of course, like any exploration, inspiration and adventure are not guaranteed, nor is there any guarantee of safe arrival... or even a destination worth aiming for -- but so long as you take it seriously, one day you shall look over your shoulder and see a trail of blood, sweat, and tears behind you. That is your art, your life, and your reward.
Good luck!

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Darkcake shouldn't be ashamed. Heart-shaped pupils and melty mouths are just a symbol of love and coming together! And if she comes together with all sorts of people, all the better!

Darkcake shouldnt be ashamed Heartshaped pupils and melty mouths are just a


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