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That kind of parenting will have Cupcake coming home saying she has a little cake baking in her tummy.

That's okay... we can can scoop the batter out again...
Don't cry, my a cutest... you're a big cake... you'll get through this...

Can we have a slice of life comic about the daily life of Cupcake and dad-Dan? Because that sounds adorable.

I'll think about it. ;~;

>Darkcake is a good girl...!!! || Yes, good at making heart-pupils and melty mouth. It's okay though, even if she's held hands with everyone and been frosted every day, I'd still make her my waifu. I happen to have a free spot in my dungeo--er, basement for her!

W-what have you done to my Darkcake...?!
Darkcake is a good girl  Yes good at making heartpupils and melty mouth Its okay

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Is christmas cake Sakura a good auntie to Yukito and Toya's adopted kids?

She hasn't spoken to them since they moved to Portland and Yukito -- I mean Yukiko -- had that operation.
It wasn't supposed to be this way... ... ...

If a grown up Himehorn has an accident and breaks a horn, what does she do? Will she be thrown out as a defective? If not thrown out, do Himehorns have a way to glue broken horn parts back onto a horn?

If it's a musclehorn it's not a big deal. They'll give her some treatment for the horn, give her a little time to heal up, then send her back to work. Now, if she became lame and unable to work, they might have to make some hard decisions.
A haremhorn might be given a little horn hood (like a tea cozy for your horn) so she doesn't scare the smallhorns.
As for a hornmother -- it's a real tragedy. They'll make every attempt to repair it, and if it doesn't work they'll either dress up the horn or try to ignore it, depending on what works best for the hornmother. To lower her stress and raise her spirits, the haremhorns will probably increase their pampering and demand that the musclehorns acquire more rare foods.

You don't check your waifu's Vine or Instagram, do you? Cupcake has a lot to learn when it comes to being covered in frosting.

You dont check your waifus Vine or Instagram do you Cupcake has a lot to learn
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>I'll just leave it to her mom // Dan, no! You're a dad, you have to be involved, too!

What can I say? I'm a bad dad. That's probably why Cupcake turned out the way she did...

Why haven't you taught your daughteru proper English, Dan? Without that knowledge, who knows how much icing from strangers she might have to ingest!

I'm really worried about her future. What's she going to do when she gets older...? : <
... ... I'll just leave it to her mom... maybe she can give her some advice...

Does Vicky use her robo arm in creative ways when in bed with Snax?

She has no idea how to be creative in that way.
Does Vicky use her robo arm in creative ways when in bed with Snax

yo cupcaek i herd someone say that ur butt was totally not caeke enuff

no im a caek u shud no on it ok
lern it rite!! ok
yo cupcaek i herd someone say that ur butt was totally not caeke enuff

Where do himehorns get their alcohol and tobacco? And do they use psychedelic mushrooms for anything?

The nohorns and himehorns alike get their tobacco from a species of large-leafed plants that tend to grow along the banks of hot lakes. They're not plentiful and it's hard to farm them, so smoking is a bit of an indulgence.
It's actually a bit of a problem -- a bit of light smoking to calm the nerves is acceptable, but some turn it into an indulgence and source of pleasure, even to the point of asking for smokes as part of their boon. Such an act is frivolous and frowned upon by the higher ups, but they try to turn a blind eye to it -- they cannot punish someone for receiving a witch's gift.
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Does Christmascake Sakura creep on Li's facebook and leave passive-agressive comments on all of his lovey-dovey pictures?

The types out big long paragraphs then deletes them before posting. Then she feels like garbage the whole day.
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