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What kind of things do Himehorns do when drunk?

Dancing, sleeping, crying, eating, smoking, bothering the haremhorns for hot baths and more snacks.

Seems Himehorn behavior is hardwired in their brains, instinct. They're is not like humans who can simply choose to act different culturally. Himehorns do what they do because that is what they are. Nothing outside this tickles their fun because it's not in their head-wiring. Did I get this right?

It's more like they have a pretty narrow range of appetites and those appetites are actually capable of being satisfied. I mean, a haremhorn (for example) can certainly do whatever she wants-- she could easily get up and walk off into the wilderness or overthrow the hornmothers... but why would she? A haremhorn would be incredibly lonely without smallhorns to care for and even making combs and door carvings would be pointless without some hornmothers and smallhorns to enjoy them. As part of the herd, their lives are full of meaning and satisfaction.
Now, if all the hatching and building and combing were automated, or if the number of smallhorns suddenly collapsed, or if there were no materials to make combs and carvings -- well, then you might start to get "culture" as the haremhorns tried desperately to fill those holes in their hearts with other things. If that happened, all bets would be off -- the himehorns could become totally different.

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In Sword and Sorcery settings, what type of character do you like to play the most?

Kawaii uguu elves and useless but arrogant puppet-mancers!

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What happens to Musclehorns or Haremhorns who show unusual amounts of initiative or autonomy?

A truly eccentric musclehorn might wander off and go explore the world. The herd wouldn't be sad to see it go and wouldn't be happy to welcome it back.
A haremhorn might actually cause serious trouble for the herd, especially if she's not taking care of her smallhorns. She'd have to be reigned in by her sisters. A slacker or troublemaker might even be seriously roughed up to get her in line -- and if she brought harm to a smallhorn or motherhorn either actively or through neglect or incompetence... well, they wouldn't hesitate to cast her out or even kill her. It's a big deal.
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What sound do himehorn feet make on stone? Klik klak or patta patta?

Like a dog's feet on stone. It can vary from light scratching and clicking to patta patta depending on how worn their nails are at the moment.

Himehorns don't "mate", they are all women! Get it? ... Okay, I'm not Attarou, I'll see myself out

That's.... that's not a pun or a joke or anything at all!
Himehorns dont mate they are all women Get it  Okay Im not Attarou Ill see

I'm confused. You make it seem like we're terrible nohorns for even wanting to copulate with himehorns like pigs. Yet, you're the one pushing this whole "no bully" agenda that only drives us to lust after them more. Even making it seem like we have a chance, only to completely trash people who try.

You're just imagining things, anon.
Here, have a totally innocent picture of a himehorn inspecting her feet as a consolation prize.
Im confused You make it seem like were terrible nohorns for even wanting to

If i pick up a smallhorn that has been abadoned, will she adapt to her new life with been treating nice and without bullying?

Copypasting a previous answer:
Would a himehorn that was abandoned by the herd after hatching and was rescued by a nohorn ever not fear the nohorn? Would the himehorn run away from the nohorn and die in the wilderness instead?
It's a bit of a coin flip - a musclehorn's instincts are very strong, so it'd probably wander off or become listless and dead inside without a herd. A haremhorn might stick around if you gave it something to look after. A hornmother is your best bet -- set up a space where she can start a herd and she'll be happy. Or if she's defective and incapable of laying eggs (probably why they tossed her out in the first place) then you might be able to win her over with cake and pampering and slowly fill that herd-shaped hole in her heart.

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When if a Himehorn has a cowlick that can't be tamed?

That's okay -- that just means more trips to the combing circle!
Hmm, actually, now I want to make a comic about this. Thanks, anon!

Do baby himehorns come out of their eggs with himecuts? If they don't are they abandoned like other crippled himehorns?

They come with mini-himecuts!
And yes, if they're bald or have patchy hair, off-colour hair, are abnormally small, etc. the haremhorn that hatched the egg will dump the smallhorn outside to die of exposure.
Do baby himehorns come out of their eggs with himecuts If they dont are they
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Would you clean a himehorns small dirty feet?

Yup. With a warm, moist towel and a little toothbrush for her claws.

So himehorns currently don't have things like math or science due to a combination of passiveness, being busy pleasing hornmothers, and laziness. But did the himehorns have literature and scientific knowledge before they were driven underground?

Nope! They were just more comfortable back then and spent more time snacking, napping, wresting, playing, etc.

>Call the president | Why does she have the President's phone number? Unless she pleases old men for cakes...?

>: T

what would happen if cupcake and himehorn swapped food for a day

The himehorn would be in heaven... then get very sick the next day.
Cupcake call the president, report her lunch for being gross, and demand someone airdrop some cake for her RIGHT NOW.

Do you have a Max Brod, or will all your unfinished work be gone when you are?

It'll be gone when I am!
I should put more zip files online so people can archive.

Dan, what's one thing you wished you'd done as a younger web-comic artist?

Finish Penny Tribute!
Now that it's grown into this sprawling thing I'll never get done!


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