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What kind of Tea do they drink during their tea parties? I'm enjoying a quite fragrant Turkish Tea, myself.

That sounds amazing, anon.
The tea preferences of the witches are not known, but the witch-apostles seem happy with anything grassy and earthy. Flowery and fruity teas are not favoured.
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Do you have any plans to get anything Vampire Bride related in print?

Yup! A companion book with lots of information about the world, maps, and additional side stories and comics.

After work I don't really do anything because I don't have any energy left. I don't take any pride or joy in my job. It's basically either frustrating or boring.

Then step zero is increasing your energy levels. By now it's a cliche, but try lifting or doing some bodyweight exercises. You'd think it'd drain energy outta you, but it's exactly the opposite. If I ever skip a day I feel like crap and can't get anything done the next day. If I do my pullups and rice bag squats, I feel like a million bucks and work productively from dawn to dusk.
After you increase your energy, you might want to take a weekend to really think things over. Get out of the house (anywhere is fine, the scenery change is the important bit) and examine your life from a third person perspective. Imagine yourself on your deathbed. All your accomplishments, your failures, what was important at the time and what was really important in the end -- you review it all in your mind as if it were someone else's life. At the last moment, just as you're slipping away, a genie comes to you and says: "anon, you've been given a second chance. I am going to send you back in time and you can set things right."
Boom. You're back. Your chance to set things straight begins RIGHT NOW. You should live like you're getting a second chance, anon. And you should live like you're observing yourself from the outside. How would you help that person you're watching live a good life?
Anyway, whatever "a good life" means to you, get at it. Make those changes.

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I spend those 6-8 hours a day at work, short of quitting my job what can I do? Also, how do I find new interests?

Hard to say. What do you do after work? And do you manage to take any joy in your job?

>Earnest, hard-working tomboys with a slight modest/shy streak -- that's where it's at! Then why do you hate Wendy so much?

Bullying is how I show my love, anon.
I'm only hurting you because I love you...!

I feel like I burnt out at the starting line. Wat do?

Reinvent yourself.
Take a break to find new interests and change up your daily schedule. Remember that you only have about 6-8 really useful hours in a day. How you spend those hours is how you spend your life. Change what you fill those 6-8 hours with and you change yourself, your life, everything. It's all on you, anon!

Why not Chidori?

Too gloomy. I hate the happy always-sunny type, but I don't like gloomy either.
Earnest, hard-working tomboys with a slight modest/shy streak -- that's where it's at!

What tips do you have for an aspiring artist?

Maintain strong interests outside of art -- that's your fuel for subject matter.
Discipline trumps motivation.
Grind with purpose -- when you draw, think carefully about why you're putting down that particular line in that way. Why are you doing it THIS way? What are you actually doing? Learn to teach and correct yourself.
Endure the plateaus - there will be plenty, just keep grinding and wait for the level up.
Worry about solving problems, not developing "a style" -- your style will come out of your particular inescapable quirks to drawing problems.
Don't worry about the critics -- you make history, they record it. They can argue about it forever and they will. Just do your work.
Start that project NOW -- Don't wait until you're "good enough" to take on that project. You'll never think you're good enough, because as soon as you get better you set your sights higher. Instead, treat your current project as a training ground for your next project. Slowly and but surely you'll start completing works, building a history of success, and developing as an artist.
Enjoy your work -- Really. Find the fun in all the little things. There's hidden joy in every little frustration.
Good luck!

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Dan, why do people like NTR?

It's the death sport of H, anon.
When everything else has lost its thrill, you start eating glass just to feel again.
You either get out or get cucked, Choose your fate wisely.

I'm looking to acquire a drawing tablet for a friend who's only done non-digital work so far. Entry model level, but I want something that's quality for the price that they can grind their draw skills with. Suggestions?

NegativeSilence’s Profile PhotoArtemi
Try this one:
It's 30 bucks more than the cheapest model, but it's worth it for the eraser on the back and the additional touch controls.
One down side: the tablet is small. If your friend draws with the entire arm, this might not be so great... but honestly, if you're sitting at a computer to draw you eventually start drawing from the wrist and fingers, so it shouldn't be a big deal. If the size really is a deal breaker, the next size up is $100 more:
Good luck to your friend!
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Assuming you start at entry/mook level, which fictional villain would you most prefer to work for?

Dark Moon Corp.!
Good bonuses and stock option plan + health care, and cute dark megucas in every department, free snack kitchen. Layoffs means being exiled to earth, though.
We'll take over the earth with money!
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Dan, I'm a man, have a beard, have a 17 cm dick, but my feet are really small. Are my feet the only gay part of my body?

It's over, anon. Just tie a little bow on those pinky toes and whore 'em out for free MMO items

I get the impression Templars may have a extremely rigid and highly structured religion. I can imagine they see the Himehorn as horrible abominations for not having a god or religion and refusing to convert. Am I right?

Hornscum are animals... and animals have no god!
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"Some might even burn the records and send them to the next world" Question. What is the Next World™ to the Himehorn? A Himehorn Valhalla? Afterlife? Fields of Himehorns eating cake?

Sometimes himehorns dream about a place with big grassy fields and lots of tall trees, blue skies, enormous mountains, tasty treats, and rivers with water so fresh and cold it makes your horns hurt if you drink it too fast. It's probably that kind of place.
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