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I woke up this morning and there are a bunch of smallhorns occupying my kitchen. I yelled Himehorns go home but they just stared at me. How do I make them go back to their herd?

Try leaving a trail of cakes back to their cave entrance. Or if your nohorn bullying instincts take over you, try cutting the hair of one of the smallhorns. The rest will become terrified and run away. You can take the smallhorn left over and place her in a yard, alone, and watch her waste away as she stares into the void with dead eyes.

What kind of glasses moe afflicts you Dan? Nearsighted, farsighted, astigmatism, fashion, etc.

Anything further than a few inches and it's blurry. My eyes are really bad.

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Then can I corrupt cupcake into becoming a himehorn just so I could bully her with frosting?

You don't need to make her into a himehorn to do that. ;n;

dan i click that heart uteris image i got fired from my job you must now hire me 8/hr to wear your maidu outfit, sweep up your tissues, and make you poverty noodles with egg and green onion i will sleep in a pile of unsold merch t-shirts

I gotta warn you, there are a lot of tissues. Also please ignore the Cupcake faces drawn on them.
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If you bit a himehorn, would she taste like chicken? If you bullied a himehorn, could you call her a chicken? If you saw a himehorn running, could you ask why she crossed the road? okay I'm done

Boo! BOOO! Bring back Attarou!
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Cupcake's pink hair comes from all the love her parents tried to give her before she became a frosting dump, the town's donut. Now that she is forgotten, with an imouto on the way and her father crazy about lesbian vampires, she will probably have to start dyeing her hair. How sad!

Excuse me. I think I need to spend some quality time with my a cutest.

Dan, don't you know the same genes that govern magical girl abilities are associated with player-character palette hair color genes?

Dan dont you know the same genes that govern magical girl abilities are

If you kissed a himehorn, would she cry?

She would think it's strange you're acting like a haremhorn and treating her a smallhorn!
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What do each of the himehorn types do to pass the time? Do they have any type of himehorn-exclusive sports or write any literature?

Musclehorns don't really "play" in the normal sense of the word. They might wrestle, sleep, or mill about when there's no productive work to do, but that's about it for autonomous "play". If you see a musclehorn doing something interesting, she's probably been directed to do it by a haremhorn.
The haremhorns which are lowest in the pecking order do a lot of sewing, crafting, ordering the musclehorns around, and beautification of living quarters. They also badger the hornmothers into writing the herd logs, which make up their "literature". They also produce lots of toys for the smallhorns:
1) ropes and heavy balls for strength games for young musclehorns
2) juggling bags, card games, paper and ink, cloth for embroidery practice, carving sets, for small haremhorns.
Haremhorns also have a obsession with making combs. The designs can get very intricate. The finest designs go to the hornmothers or haremhorns at the top of the pecking order. "Work" and "play" don't really mean much to haremhorns -- the idea of a "passtime" doesn't really make sense to them. Everything they do is for the herd.
Hornmothers really do "pass the time" and "play". They eat, smoke or play with the herd treasures (usually rare trinkets given by visiting witch-apostles). They'll enjoy paintings, complain, dance, sing, make trouble for the haremhorns, get massaged or groomed, nap, snoop around, and so on.

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Sakura has brown hair, yours is greasy black. So where does Cupcake's pink come from? Is it a cheap food color job? Or does the mailman/pool boy/pizza delivery guy have pink hair?

Nightmare vision engaged.
Sakura has brown hair yours is greasy black So where does Cupcakes pink come

What about Kharn? She's got the black sclera and weird claw hands and feet, right?

Maybe she could dress up her Kharnlings and smuggle them into a haremhorn combing circle. It could work!

If a himehorn saw a himecut, would she assume it was a himehorn who had had her horns plucked out by a nohorn?

The nohorn's nohorn smell would give it away. Also a nohorn's eyes, face, hands, and feet are quite different.
If she couldn't rely on her sense of smell and couldn't get a good look... well... she might be spooked in an uncanny-valley sorta way.
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Did Pepper-tan from your previous comic ever get a happy end?

Nope. No ending at all -- but I'll get back to her adventures someday. Probably after Vampire Bride.

Becoming an embodiment of hope and love is a kid's dream! You're sure she doesn't want to become a strong, independent woman of color and start her own business?

Embodiment of hope has a better retirement plan.


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