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You look through your daughter's phone? No wonder she won't give you some.

She's been buying herself expensive things lately... I was worried... I'm just being a responsible parent!
You look through your daughters phone No wonder she wont give you some

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Is Cupcake a frosting dump? A frosting demon?

I found this on her phone...
M-my a cutest... what happened to my little angel food cake...?
Is Cupcake a frosting dump A frosting demon
Liked by: Ratman

>implying that's not just a public photo of Chiaki with the signature and kiss-mark forged by Wendy

She doesn't love you, Wendy. She only loves your butt.
implying thats not just a public photo of Chiaki with the signature and kissmark
Liked by: Dimunsis

Wait, why does Chiaki have the Warmaster Hat/Coat when she wasn't Warmaster when she and Wendy had their thing? Unless she secretly was warmster the whole time?!

Uh... that's....er... time travel? Y-yeah, that's the ticket!
Liked by: Yoshiko Toshino

Dan, what would you do if you walked into Cupcake's room and she had heart-pupils, her face covered in spats of frosting, custard-filling oozing out of every orifice?

I'll do a better job with Pancake... ... ...

Because your a cutest grew up with her father either buried at the drawing board or showering love on her perflat mother. So now she gets frosted by every Chad McHugeHands she sees, because it fills the hole in her heart where her father's love should be.

But I bought her all those new phones and clothes she wanted... I ... I did my job.... didn't I...?
Because your a cutest grew up with her father either buried at the drawing board

>T-two?! || I know! I was expecting 3-5 for all that extra frosting! Two is a bit underwhelming.

You're making my a cutest sound like some kind of insatiable melty-mouthed frosting bag who will accept anyone's frosting for just a little attention and some iphone cases and that's just not my a cutest why where did I go wrong why why this it wasn't supposed to be this way

More Sakura-mama and Cupcake SoL when? >Sakura-mama berating Cupcake for scoring an A- >Sakura-mama confiscating Cupcake's phone for texting at the dinner table >Sakura-mama grounding Cupcake for inviting two boys to her house for "frosting" >Sakura-mama telling a crying Cupcake that she loves her

My a cutest... why...?!
More Sakuramama and Cupcake SoL when 
Sakuramama berating Cupcake for scoring an

So if what you want is Wendy bullying, would you support having Midori out-Callidus her, pretend to be Chiaki, fug her, and then when she was done say "IT WAS ME! MIDORI!"?

Only if she goes on to reveal that she is also her favourite author and spoils the ending of MMxMM.
Liked by: nyandemo

I'm still waiting to discover that Himehorns are actually deadly little fast breeding trolls packaged in a cutest form. Little trolls that lull some nohorns into false sense of security then efficiently kill them at every opportunity. Until then...I want to hug them and squeeze them and....

That's nonsense! Those nohorn drove them underground just because they're big meanies! DON'T LISTEN TO HOHORN LIES REPORT NOHORN LIARS BREAK THEIR LEGS EAT THEIR SOFT-HEADED NOHORN BABIES

What is poor Bikky's dark eye? 1) she's got a Himehorn infection. 2) she's been surf boarding off of oil spill contaminated beaches 3) she's host to a symbiote named Venom

What is poor Bikkys dark eye 
1 shes got a Himehorn infection
2 shes been surf

What's up with Vicky's closed/dark eye? Is she becoming part vampire due to all of the snacking?

Sorry, spoilers. I'll get to it eventually in the comic. ;w;


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