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Have you seen any of Hokuto no Ken?

I read the manga (everything except that shit where he crosses the sea into fanfic palette-swap land) and watched the recent moves. I love it all.
Manly, touching, campy, moving, exciting, simple, deep, even spiritual. So many iconic scenes and lines... just a fantastic comic.

If I watch your anime and play your games for you will you draw my pictures for me?

I like the cut of yer jib, anon. Jimmy, get this man a waifu! Not one of those shortcuts -- a himecut! A real waifu!
Naw'right. Yer okay kid. Now get the hell outta here before I get crazy on ya. And leave the money!
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Do you watch seasonal anime? How many usually a season?

I used to watch 10+ series a season but I'm dropped to 0 since Shingeki no Kyojin ended. Too busy with Vampire Bride!
I have Amagi Brilliant Park downloaded and I'm downloading idolm@ster, but I still haven't watched a single episode yet. My anime backlog is turning into my Steam backlog.
Please help me.

How do you keep up with all of your comics? I struggle with just trying to get one done. I have so many stories and comics of my own I want to make one day, but I just can't seem to focus on one and thus none of them end up happening. How do you manage so many worlds and tales at once?

Well, it helps to have a lot of different kind of projects that play well together -- even feed off each other. For example, I have Tomoyo42 as my catch-all for very small ideas and commentary-style comics, vampire bride for was built out of the shavings of On The Subject of Witches and Cupcake (the two of which are mutual escape valves for each other -- when I need to rebel against the seriousness of Subject of Witches I work on Cupcake, when Cupcake seems too frivolous I work on Witches).
The point is, though, that I try to always be working on _something_. In fact, I can turn the perfection-->procrastination trap to my advantage with this setup -- I want Witches to be perfect, but refining witches means shaving off ideas and testing them out in other, less important comics (like Vampire Bride, Cupcake, etc. ... none of which have to be perfect, since they're just buckets to collect Witches runoff. ... well, this isn't _quite_ true, but it's a little mental trick I use to keep myself on track). I call this productive procrastination -- by setting up a huge scary project and a lot of smaller projects you end up working on the smaller projects just to avoid working on the huge scary one.
Honestly though, this may not work for you. You might just need to pick one thing and go with it -- or find a smaller project to work on that you don't care about.. Just try everything and see what works.
Good luck!

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What did you use to build your website?

I built the thing by hand! It's really a huge mess though -- you're probably better off using one of those prebaked wordpress themes unless you need something really custom.

Sempai, Did you really eat cake and doughnuts all day?! That's bad for you!

I ate a chocolate eclair, a very rich blueberry muffin, and half a double chocolate muffin, some green tea, a gin and tonic, and then a bowl of beef+carrot curry (with rice).
Destination: Diabeetus

Dan-sempai, I have OCD and grinding art is frustrating because there is no immediate feedback to confirm that I am actually gaining exp. Do you have any tips for me?

Yo! I'm afraid I have bad news: you're going to have to change your mindset.
You're simply going to have to find the joy in the grind itself. You're going to have to take your eyes of the destination for a moment and focus on what's immediately under your feet. I highly suggest the following:
1) draw things you like (cute girls, animal, robots, whatever)
2) create things that don't depend on drawing skill alone for the satisfaction they provide (e.g. a comic can be drawn terribly, but be amazingly funny.. you can flub the drawing portion of the comic but still knock the joke out of the park and feel great about it. Or you might feel good just putting it down on paper -- that's where I am right now. I'm happy just putting the stuff down on paper.)
3) find ways to have fun with your grinding -- do streams, make little stories, amuse a friend , draw fanart -- do anything to make drawing part of your daily escape instead of just plain old work.
Well.. .hope that helps. If not, just give a shout again!

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Does Vikky's scarf give her special powers?

It's a life force battery and also a tether to the white witch. It doesn't do anything by itself, but its energy can be consumed to do various things.

Bearer of the comic... Seek butts. Larger, more bootylicious butts. Seek the lewds, that is the only way. Lest the feels swallow you whole... as they have so many others.

Bearer of the comic Seek butts Larger more bootylicious butts Seek the lewds

Do you get souls when grinding your art? If you make a mistake, do you respawn at the nearest art supply store?

No souls, just white hairs,
I respawn in my own bed, looking at the ceiling, wondering where it all went so wrong.

Can Sexy Snaxy drink animal's blood to stave off hunger?

She's better off drinking water or eating snow. Animal blood doesn't agree with her.

Can vampires get nourishment from used tampons?

That's like eating the duck vagina instead of the duck breast. Why would you do that
Can vampires get nourishment from used tampons

Can Snax only drink blood (preferably Bikky Blud)? Or can she drink normal things like bwehrry juice or milk?

NegativeSilence’s Profile PhotoArtemi
She can have a little water (preferably with a little bit of salt) to stave off the hunger, but it tastes awful. Bikky blud is bwehst. =w=

You've probably been asked this before, but what's your art practice/warm up routine like? You seem to be drawing poses a lot, but do you have a system?

No system, really. I just try to fix one little thing at a time using the usual methods (reference, drills, drawing the thing at weird angles, extreme perspectives, breaking it down, etc.)

Are there any restrictions on what we can request with the patreon commission level? How specific can we get? Lewd/hentai okay?

You can get about this lewd (pic attached) + melty mouth and heart-shaped pupils and hand-holding. No dicks, no hentai! That's too lewd! G-geez!
Anyway, you can get specific as you want, but the more freedom there is the better results tend to be (can't be helped, that's just the way things go).
Are there any restrictions on what we can request with the patreon commission


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