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How would you breed Attarous when they are all boys? Or are you into that sort of thing?

Looks like it can't be helped. I'll have to do the job myself...!!

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So YNNA is the witch of ruin and exhaustion? So since Bikky fled to YNNA from our Spiritual Liege ALGS, she must clearly be old and busted?

She's' just jumping ship to the winning tea-- OH NO SHE'S BACK
So YNNA is the witch of ruin and exhaustion So since Bikky fled to YNNA from our

Who is the first fictional villain you can remember sympathizing with?

Hmm. Hard to say. I always wanted the heroes to suffer as much as possible, even as a little kid.

Is Dio Brando the most evil anime villain? I can't think of a badder bad guy than him.

I've never read Jojo! ;~;

Why is ALGS so lewd?

Algis has special authority over life and living things. Naturally that means she's into everything lewd. Melons, babies, boobs, butts, seeds and saplings, delicious honey, squishy bug eggs -- she loves it all. A witch of bounty and growth!
Enna is more into "worn out stuff" - old games, books, a stuffed animal with a missing tail, beat up blankets, old jerseys, etc. A witch of ruin and exhaustion!

>On matters of technique criticism is simply out of place. // For what it's worth--especially for beginners, technique criticism is useful as newbies often don't KNOW what they're doing wrong, much less how to fix it. I get your point, though.


Why is someone asking you for relationship advice when you've decided not to play the game?

Maybe he just wanted a cute reaction image!
Why is someone asking you for relationship advice when youve decided not to play

About the girlfriend - what exactly do I do if I don't have any "alpha" traits? I feel beta by nature! I just want to be nice and submissive to girls and make them happy! What do I do!?

Yer on your own, mate! I've washed my hands of this nonsense.
If they want money and status they can make it and take it for themselves. All I want to do is draw my cartoon butts in peace and quiet! Attention and drama-seekers pls go!!
About the girlfriend  what exactly do I do if I dont have any alpha traits I
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What's the difference between a hornmother and a motherhorn?

They're the same, I just keep flip-flopping back and forth between names.

Where do the himehorns think all the cake left around their caves comes from?

Every hornmother thinks she's eating another motherhorn's cake so she doesn't talk about it. No one must know her secret.

Late night lurkerfan here, asking about creative process (for a friend, I swear). You wrote a great answer a while back about hate mail and stuff. Thing is, how do you tell the differenceb etween good and bad criticism? Is there a process in how you decide what to change and what to ignore?

Followup to previous question due to character limit. And even if you do find good criticism, any advice for those of us (cough) with fragile egos? What would you tell someone who has a hard time not taking criticism (even well-intentioned ones) personally? Thanks again for your time and comics.
Re: ego bruising
Place your art at the center of all things and serve that. Once your art -- IN ITSELF -- becomes your primary concern you will find that petty concerns about responding adequately to critics, managing your feelings, your ego, this or that particular drawing, etc. will naturally fall away.
Eventually the very idea of worrying about having your ego bruised will seem as strange and silly as worrying about getting sand in your boots while storming the beaches. Of course you'll get sand in your boots -- that's what happens when you storm the beach. What's the issue? You have bigger fish to fry!
Re: criticism
It's useful to remember what artistry is: it is technique + purpose.
On matters of technique criticism is simply out of place. All technique arrives through knowledge + physical training. Simply knowing your pitching form is wrong will not add a single newton of force behind your fastball. Your pitch will only be improved by learning the skill correctly and then training correctly for a decade. The same applies for drawing in perspective, proportioning correctly, etc.
As for purposes -- consider the following criticisms:
a) you served purpose X poorly
b) you served purpose X when you should have served purpose Y
c) what are the right purposes?
(a) is remedied by technique. If there is effect you wish to achieve, guides are everywhere. Criticism will not help, knowledge and practice will.
(b) is really just politics. There are priesthoods on all sides who would love to make a tool of you. There are also readers who just want their tastes catered to. This is as inadvisable and dangerous as changing who you are for another person or a political purpose. In any case, taking this seriously will nudge you to (c).
And (c), IMHO, is where real art happens. Clarity of purpose only comes after many failed projects and pieces. This process of failure is sometimes called "finding your voice as an artist" or "finding your project". It is as hard and fuzzy a thing as "becoming/finding/creating yourself". Here there are no guides, no gurus--only lucky breaks, hunches, and fellow travellers. Success in this area leads you to a state where (a) is useful, or you are breaking new ground.
If you are breaking new ground, remember that criticism is a latecomer to the game and can only operate by casting the unfamiliar in familiar terms. Insofar as what you attempt is genuinely new, criticism of the usual kind is simply a non-starter. You are breaking new ground, they are picking up the pieces. Let the janitors of history do their work.
Best of luck, fellow traveller!

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