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I have a question about how drawstreams work. On the clonemanga front page it says under the hitbox logo that drawstream hangouts are on weekends, but the "drawstreams" gallery of your website is frequently updated even outside of weekends. Hope this isn't a dumb question on my part.

Ah, a lot of the time I just doodle a quick picture in response to an ask.fm question or a tweet and toss it in the drawstream gallery. Hit that follow button on hitbox.tv and you'll get an email when I actually stream!

Hey Dan, are you going to TCAF this year? Or any chance of getting you to Anime North?

Exodisma’s Profile PhotoExo
Hey! Nope. Didn't make it into TCAF this year and I don't have anything to show at Anime North... but if I swing by I'll give a shout. It'd be cool to hang out again.

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Dan, are your art skills self-taught? (NB: Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think of "self-taught" as "no feedback from a live instructor".)

If that's what you mean by self-taught, yup. I haven't taken an art class since my first year of highschool. I guess it shows, ha ha ha. =w=

So on a good day how many hours do you spend drawing?

I don't really keep track of the hours, but any time I'm not sleeping, eating, or doing other overhead tasks, I'm writing or drawing. Oh, and I play some video games or read a bit before bed. That's my life -- the whole thing!

What do you think Syaoran Li is doing during the events of Sakura at 27?

Ravishing his cute 20 year old wife on the kitchen table. Sakura's not bitter about it though. Nope, not even a little.
What do you think Syaoran Li is doing during the events of Sakura at 27

Has it ever occurred to you that you could have cartoon butts and a wife with kids?

Not enough money!
I'd also be a terrible husband and dad. It's just a fantasy I like to indulge in sometimes.

What freaks you out?

Sometimes I wake up and the thought of being 35,40,50 with nothing to show for it but a few cartoon butts weighs heavily on my mind. But then I consider the alternative -- waking up at 35,40,50 with a wife and kids I resent, piles of worthless money that can never transport me back in time to a place where I could draw my beloved cartoon butts...
All we get is this one shot. That freaks me out sometimes. It's too real, man.
Anyway, then I make myself some coffee and get drawing.

So if vampires don't poop, do they have buttholes? What about pee-holes? I assume they don't pee either.

They have the holes, but they're just for looks/fun.
Please stop asking about vampire and himehorn holes...!!
So if vampires dont poop do they have buttholes What about peeholes I assume

" holding hands." ? Dan, why everything you touch is transformed into suffering? why?

tfw only a metal hand to hold hands with... ;w;
holding hands  Dan why everything you touch is transformed into suffering why

Do vampires poop? If not, then can Snax eat snacks? If yes, and yes, then if Dnax eats snacks when she's a bats, and then she goes big, is the poop big when she makes it? Or little? What about vice versa? Pls respond making a documentary about vampires.

This is Himehorn cloaca territory.
Anyway, vampires don't poop! They drain life energy directly. They're supernatural creatures.
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Does Snax prefer to cuddle Bikky in human or bat form?

In bat form she loves getting head and tummy scratches, being carried around, and getting big cape hugs... but she hates getting squished, drooled on, breathed on, suffocating under the covers, etc.
In human form she can enjoy giving Bikky a bath, feeding her, massaging her aches, and holding hands.

Does Snax have golden fuzz in bat form? Why or why not?

Nope, she's a big white bat. Maybe she'd look different is she drank more blood and powered up...?

Sometimes I forget how good looking the vampire princess is in human form. Her teeth are cute. Please draw more of her instead of Vicky and herself in bat form. Only draw her. Swap the himehorns with vampires. Cupcake? Morelike Bloodcake. A vampire salary woman. Clone manga is now Vampire Manga and…

That's right, anon. Give in to that vampire waifu... it's a just a little heretical. Everyone's doing it!
Sometimes I forget how good looking the vampire princess is in human form Her
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Apologies if this was asked earlier. Your intellectual property is being made into an anime. How would you cast the voice acting? You can answer specific VA names or with more general descriptive terms. Also, I admit I only asked this question to find out how cutest and bat would enunciate "bweh".

No problem. Thanks for the question!
Bikky: World-worn tomboy. Scary growl, girlish laugh. Start and stops her sentences like she's driving stick for the first time. Slightly "dry" voice.
A cutest and bat: Sounds a little annoying and immature -- maybe a bit like sailor moon? Talks like she just got up on Saturday morning and is about to run downstairs to watch her favourite cartoons. (BWEH should sound like and pokemon noise).
Enna: Something like a strict, constantly disappointed mother who is utterly tired of your shit. An older woman's voice. Talks like she's chewing you out.
Himehorns: Mashiro!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRsKOdgLBEACloneManga’s Video 124320597618 IRsKOdgLBEACloneManga’s Video 124320597618 IRsKOdgLBEA
Annis: Yankee! Real rough around the edges. Foul language. Talks like she's slav-squatting.
Smoking Templar: Sly. Talks like she's in on an inside joke and the joke is you.
Sigrid: Speaks with a great economy of style, typical of those who live and die on the field. Sounds like a captain, because that's what she is.
... well, I could go on, but that's enough for now. =w=

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CloneManga’s Video 124320597618 IRsKOdgLBEACloneManga’s Video 124320597618 IRsKOdgLBEA

What does Snax like the most: bikky smooches, bikky tummy rubs, or bikky footsies?

Bikky head scratches and tummy scratches!
Smooches and tummy rubs are good, too.
Footsies are a no-no. She's shy about her fuzzy legs and pointy click-click-on-the-floor toes.

What's the greatest amount of time and/or money you've spent on a game that you didn't enjoy?

Dark Souls 2. Maybe 40 hours. I just kept on waiting for it to get better and it never did. I skipped the DLCs
I spent 400+ hours on Dark Souls 1.
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