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How do I get a girlfriend?

Don't try to find the right one, try to be the right one.
Remember that we're just animals and we're still operating with caveman brains: do something that demonstrates that you carry a better genetic payload than the next guy. Show that you have a higher pecking order and better nesting material than Joe Blow #337. Demonstrate that you're not an evolutionary dead end starved for mating opportunities. That's it -- that's the whole game.
Story time: while I was working in between school terms in Toronto I went to the bank to cash in a pay cheque. I was dressed in my usual neckbeard attire, unshaved, etc. The very cute bank teller received me with barely contained contempt when I tried (weirdly, awkwardly, as always) to be friendly but as soon as she saw the cheque (about $9000), her attitude totally changed.
She asked, outright: "is this your paychque?"
"Oh wow, you're so smart, what do you do? Where did you go to school?" etc. etc.
Being the social retard I am, I told her I was working at a small startup because I thought she was just asking a question for banking purposes. I had no idea what was actually happening. Then she started going on about herself for some reason and then complimenting me again, saying how she was bored, and the teller next to her (also a woman) started looking annoyed and I was totally baffled. Then it struck me: she thought it was a WEEKLY pay cheque and she was trying to get me to ask her out. It was, in fact, a back payment for a few months work.
I was 18-19 at the time and had idea the world was like this.
I tried a few small experiments including doing daily tasks in a very nice suit, 5 o'clock shadow (as if I just got off work), prepared hair, etc. People treat you very differently. Even just waiting in line for movie tickets (in the financial/law district) a pair of cute korean girls were whispering "go talk to him, mm, a good guy!" (in Korean). The other one just shook her head "no, no" and became very quiet and shy. They probably thought I was working at the law firm across the street.
I even got a date with someone who was WAY out of my league, looks wise, because she thought I was some kind of successful entrepreneur type after giving a small talk re: kickstarter. I thought the date was a flop, but a few days later she mailed me saying how much fun she had, that there's a movie night and why don't you come over, mail me, etc. But again, reading between the lines, all she wanted was a way out of her boring-ass dead-end job.
And Miss Orange Dress who only got interested after seeing that I won some manga awards (she loves manga), and then lost interest after she found out that those awards don't come with money. Even 100k a year wouldn't be enough when her friends were marrying startup millionaires with PhDs.
Nothing wrong with that. They love money/status/power/fitness/aggression/intelligence for the same reason I love their 2cute/2flat/2phat. Just gotta live with it or get outta the game.

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To the other asker, the power of cute is within you. Cuteness isn't just about appearance: when you're shy or anxious, you're being moe, when you're happy, you're being genki. If you allow it to, the spirit of cuteness will flow through your life and make everything better.

^^^^ -- gl on ur a cutest, other asker!

How did Bikky end up with the himehorns, again? I've read through the comics, but it still makes little sense to me. I kinda get the old ally hunting her down, but everything just feels so disjointed. Pretty art, though. and i'm sure there's a great plot below, i'm just too dumb to follow.

The himehorn arc is actually a flashback arc. It'll become clearer once Bikky wakes up and the Templar start to make their move.
And yeah, this are pretty disjointed right now, but things will start to fall into place. The project itself is a bit like non-standard in structure. Best comparison is probably pointillism -- I'm kind of criss-crossing the canvas putting down dots at the moment. It doesn't look like much, but once as more and more dots are put down an image will start to emerge.

Why is /a/ the best board? And what's the worst board?

It's the last stronghold of classic 4chan. Worst board is your favourite board.
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The Qoopos are servants of ALGS? Have we found one of the manyhands and the manylegs the servants are the watchers and the room and the rest where wanderings end? Or will we find out later =w=?

More ALGS incoming:
The Qoopos are servants of ALGS Have we found one of the manyhands and the

M-Mr. Mopps! NO! Why do only the good tentacle monsters die young, Dan? How will Bikky and Snax survive in a frozen, roffleless wasteland?

They'll have to get by on scavenged capehugs, vidya, and BWEH. It's a barren existence but it's all they have.

What software/tools do you use for animation?

Just the frame animation/timeline dialogue in Photoshop CC. It's pretty limited. There's probably better stuff out there for animation specialists (I don't really know anything about animation so I can't give any recommendations).

What's the best fetish?

I wrapped all the way around back around to vanilla country. On this long journey, I've gotten my passport stamped in a lot of strange lands. The following have a special place in my heart: [tanlines] [tomboy] [NTR] [childhood friend] [incest] [guro] [mindbreak] [heart shaped pupils] [melty mouth] [leg lock] [monster girl] [humiliation] [egg laying] [despair]
Takotsuboya's K-ON! comics are right in my strike zone. I wish someone would translate his latest Madoka doujin.

What are you those talking jellyfish things the Templars have floating about?

Servants of the white witch Algis (witch-goddess of The City, peace be upon her)! They're a little unreliable and a bit strange, but when you're travelling far from The City they're all you have to depend on.
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How do I cope with the fact that I will never embody cuteness nor will I ever be able to directly touch it? Saving cute pictures and drawing my own is wholly unsatisfying the need for Cute life.

We are created uncute and commanded to be a cutest. What a sick world.

"This Chapter" Wait, vampire bride is supposed to be only one chapter of a larger work?

Vampire Bride will have multiple chapters/arcs -- that's what I mean. It's going to be hundreds of pages. ;w;
It links up with other pieces of the Cupcake Universe, too. ;w;


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