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What if Hine horns search up other Hime horns laying eggs?

Himehorns would never go into another herd's herdtree unless they were set on taking it over and driving the wrongherd out. This almost never happens since herds tend to naturally spread themselves out, but when it does happen, eggs are smashed, horns are stomped into puddles, and wronghorn records are thrown out.

Now I am fixated upon an image of a himehorn, doted upon by many haremhorns, whose wide branching horn suddenly sprout melons.

>heavy melons
>hurts when they grow
>hurts then they're picked
>so heavy she has to lie down on the ground her entire life
>haremhorns won't stop sniffing her
why even live?
Now I am fixated upon an image of a himehorn doted upon by many haremhorns whose

Dan I need some advice. I'm 23 and I like this girl. She's in her 30's however. Should I? Or is the rift too big? Am I even good enough? I suffer from major depression. Give me your holy advice. Have this boon. https://i.imgur.com/lKV3j8I.jpg

Someone please give this poor anon some advice.
My advice is:
- Find a nice girl your age or a couple years younger. Do you want a 40 year old when you're 33?
- Work on yourself: don't try to find the right one, be the right one
- Don't think she's special or the only one in the world. There's always someone else.
- Focus on your personal work (art, reading, sport, whatever). People come and go. Your work will always be with you.
Probably bad advice though if you want relationships in your life (I'm living alone at 34, and I'll probably live out the rest of my days like this). Hopefully other anons will reply with better advice. But leave the offering!!
Dan I need some advice Im 23 and I like this girl Shes in her 30s however Should

Since Himehorns are of the same wet electric brain and potentially other physiology, would they gain anything from stealing and wearing a captain scarf?

It's possible. The himehorn might be recognized by a gwupo, or gain incredible regenerative power... or the templar might lose favour with the White Witch. Or maybe the white witch would punish the horns directly?
It's not clear what would happen. But in any case, the Templar would do anything to get the scarf back.

I wonder if any Haremhorn / Musclehorn "sorella" ever failed to return to the herd due to neglect...

Only the old ones. Old musclehorns get thin and weak and lose their herdsmell and wander off, afraid and confused.
Luckily (?) old musclehorns are very rare.

If Himehorns have internet, I wonder if they look up the nsfw stuff. Would Hemihorns who lust for no-horns be considered traitors?

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Himehorns don't have feelings like that. Haremhorns have egg-adoration feelings and the urge to pamper hornmothers... hornmothers love eggs and being pampered... musclehorns love meat and lifting. And gentle scrubs.
Anyway, they would be considered defective and left at the cave entrance.
If Himehorns have internet I wonder if they look up the nsfw stuff Would


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