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Dan, you are a witch in the Cupcake Universe - we all know you wear a school girl outfit irl when you draw - what is your domain like? Who or what populates it? What are your rules? For what would you provide boons? What is your attitude towards the Templars? The other witches?

My domain is a city-sized wooden library filled with the meh-to-okay-tier manga of all possible universes. You can read anything you like, but it's not going to be that good.
The domain is empty of denizens except a few lazy maids (who dust a few useful aisles and leave the rest to be slowly reclaimed by nature) and a couple bored magical girls who are just passing through (presumably on the way to a dimension with better reading material). Those who stop by and offer fanart or cute magical girl duckface selfies will be rewarded with some pretty decent tea, comfy room. and unlimited pretty-okay cakes. The maids will also do your laundry and help you find any meh-to-okay comic you might be looking for.
Templar and other witches don't bother with this place. It's not worth the trouble.

How can I have as good of a relationship with comics-chan as you do?

Give her your attention and daily offerings of comic-sweat and comics-chan will return you love!

Which himehorns are the most fun to bully?

Hornmothers. Bullying any of the other himehorns is also bullying them! They also make the cutest expressions and are the most talkative.

What happens inside the body of a musclehorn when she makes a really heavy lift? In her mind?

Her muscles burn with the ancient memory of her line: open fields, tall grass, grand cities scooped out of stone by strong, himehorn hands. She racks the bar. She sits. She sits and rests and the sweat pours off the arms and the back and the chest she has used to lift and rests her arms on her knees and does not lift again. A haremhorn unfolds a towel and makes to wipe her down but stops. She knows. The sweat will dry. But the tears never will.
Perhaps the heaviest weights we we lift
are our feels

How often do himehorns end up saying "screw this" and run off to witch domains? I seem to recall what seemed to be a few in Enna's domain.

Skai Rue
Good eye. I should just do a side story about the himehorns and lay it all out in the comics.
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I get it, don't have sex with himehorns. But surely there's nothing wrong with a harem of himehorn cuddle slaves? They get bullied so much and would enjoy comforting.

Sure, it sounds all cute and cuddly but remember: all it takes is one particularly affectionate haremhorn trying to nuzzle you and SCCRRGHHK -- gored! Right in the neck!
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"Don't squeeze too hard or you'll break the eggs inside 'em." || So that was the mysterious liquid leaking from the hornmother. Wait, infection AND death? ...that feast is actually a funeral, isn't it? With the full entourage of mourning haremhorns?

And there murderer is sleeping right there in the motherhorn's nest...! Please! Nohorn please go! PLEASE GO WHY DO YOU KEEP BULLYING US ;~~~;
Dont squeeze too hard or youll break the eggs inside em  So that was the

Why is everyone fixated on himehorns when musclehorns are clearly superior in every way?

Please do not attempt human/musclehorn hybrids. They'll twist your dick off with their powerful gyrations. I heard from a friend of a friend.
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are himehorns capable of zerg rushing?

This is why the himehorns lost.
What are you doing? Throw up that wood league symbol!


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