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Are the Templars just a case of those who hunt monsters, or is there more to it than that?

Their official mission is to subjugate and capture witches so they can expand human living space and stave off the final darkness. That said, they've only been able to successfully execute their official mission once, in the distant past.
Since that time they've been forced to take more and more extreme countermeasures to hold on to what they have. The fight against the vampire is in a bad spot (their best hunter was recently KIA) and the orders from the inner guardianship have become stranger and stranger... even the rank and file are starting to realize that something isn't right...

Are there other factions but the templars within humanity? Logic says yes, though logic would also say that at least a handful of normal humies would have done the thing your fans are going crazy about and headed down to the himes and started living with them instead of psycho templars.

You'll find out later. =w=

I want to cuddle a Himehorn. However I'm not sure how to get one to stay sill long enough short of Fentanyl or other agents. Any advice?

Wear horns and a wig. Infiltrate a combing circle. You won't be able to cuddle, but you can brush.

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How warm and cuddly are the various sorts of Himehorns?

Hornmothers: So soft and cuddly, but fragile. Don't squeeze too hard or you'll break the eggs inside 'em. That can lead to infection and kill them. Don't do that.
Haremehorns: Perfect for headpats and group combings. Everyhorn can sit in a circle and brush. Hookahs and light snacks go in the middle of the circle.
Musclehorns: Like satin-wrapped steel. Docile.
Smallhorns: Please don't touch the smallhorns, they are tiny and fragile and need to sleep all day.
Liked by: Andrew

So how are you going to end the himehorn arc? Will the Templars purge the lair for sheltering their renegade asset? Will the childer of Caine enslave the horned livestock and coincidentally find one of their own fraternizing with their enemy? Or will they drown in their own tears?

They'll all get together for Bikky and the bat's wedding and there will be lots of delicious food and everyone will live happily ever after.
Liked by: Chris Charabaruk

If Cupcake were to fall into the himehorn lair, would there be a mass delicious genocide of himecakes being brutally eaten?

Cupcake would be the one in danger. There's no internet down there -- she'd die of boredom.
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I want to sex the himehorns. Carefully and gently. I want Bikky to sex me strongly with her metal "arm" until I pass out. Good thing you don't have any male characters for me to fantasize about, that would be gay.

I want to sex the himehorns Carefully and gently I want Bikky to sex me strongly
Liked by: Blargkkake

Which is better? A harem of ara~ ara~ onee-sans & MILFs or a traditional harem of high school and/or college girls?

All I want is my Sakura-chan in an apron with slippers and Cupcake doing her homework upstairs.
Liked by: alpaca

>Templars are assholes. I bet they don't even praise the sun.

The sun is like tiny now. Screw the sun -- sisters, steel, and holy blood! That's the only thing a templar can depend on!

>I'm going to do a companion book at some point, too. Be honest, this "companion book" will just be twenty pages of toned bikkybutt, won't it?

You mean abs, right? That's her moe point. =3=
Im going to do a companion book at some point too
Be honest this companion book
Liked by: Magical Minty

Imagine you're in a dimly lit, wood-paneled bar. It is late, the bar is empty. A man in a tuxedo is playing a soft, meandering tune on a grand piano. You take a leather stool. The bartender approaches. It is a himehorn in pants, a crisp white shirt, and vest. What do you order to bully her?

Himehorn eggnog with extra himehorn eggs.
When she brings it to me with tears in her eyes I take it, spit in it, then hand it back to her.
Drink up, hornscum! That's the taste of defeat!
The other templar in the bar roar with laughter. The himehorn can't even cry. She just quietly drinks it with dead eyes. Then she throws up. They always throw up. Then she starts to panic, cry, and scoop up the yolk. They can't take the sight of it -- yolk spilling everywhere. It makes them crazy. The templar can't stop laughing. She's digging into the ground now with those filed-off claws. Is she nesting? Is she trying to nest? It's a bloody mess now. The screams won't stop. Neither will the laughter.
Just another day in the Templar Guardianship.

A... giant canadian goose? You make my nightmares more interesting every time you type words, sempai.

That's the second luckiest dream you can have in Canada! Great fortune!
The luckiest is a Canadian Goose and giant poutine flying over the CN Tower with a rainbow of toonies.

>eating a cheese sandwich while waiting for the bus | Why didn't you eat the sandwich when you were walking to the bus stop, sempai? And why didn't you put more stuff on your sandwich? At least some lettuce! But ham or chicken or turkey would probably dispel lots of bland-fairies!

I was late for work! The bus almost hit a giant Canadian goose on the way there...
Thankfully I made it in time to greet the mysterious new hire.

Haven't seen this asked yet, but is the himehorn on p106 dead? Its difficult to tell if she's wetting herself, if she bled out, or if her hime-gland was ruptured, dooming her to frazzled hair forever. A fate worse than death. Had constructive critique about it, but was 3000 characters over. Oops.

Skai Rue
You'll see. =3=
Also elbowlick@gmail.com if there's anything too long for the ask.fm

I think the guy from earlier was exaggerating when he said the comic was incomprehensible, but it might be a good idea to compile plot related asks somewhere on your site or at least point to it. As it stands I have a tweetdeck tab just for you just so I don't miss things. And I still miss things.

Skai Rue
Not a bad idea. I'm going to do a companion book at some point, too.

I've been kinda assuming all along that the comic's world/storylines/etc. will become sort of explained as it develops but from what you said I'm not sure if that's true any more, I mean of course it's gonna become a bit clearer but do you plan on ever really fully revealing the world?

Yeah, things will get clearer and things will eventually become more explicit. Don't worry, this isn't NNN or PXI -- I already made those comics and I don't intend to retread that ground.
At the same time, it's not a straight-forward story like Nana. The effect I want is something like sifting through your memories in old age -- you may remember some stupid thing you said in third grade with great intensity and for some reason you remember the cheese sandwich you ate when you waiting for the bus and you're not sure you can remember your important things - what were the important things anyway? It all seems so petty and pointless now... ... etc. Well. I don't want to say too much, but hopefully it'll be worth the ride.


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