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whatever happened to your nana plushie? the one that people around the world took pictures of?

Got lost in Turkey a long time ago.
I actually have two two different Nana dolls in my room, but I won't be sending those out since they're the last of their kind. Gotta breed 'em together and repopulate the species.
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Can Christmas cake be even more cutest and cakest?

Yes, but only until the day after it turns 25. Then it gets drier and crumblier every day until it eats your soul and kills your dreams and becomes the witch it was always destined to be.
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Dan, you do realize that that photo of Chiaki is impossible; Chiaki had short hair when she was with Wendy. You have brought shame on your family, time to commit sudoku.

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It's also impossible because Chiaki never loved her. No one loves Wendy.
Wendy a shit.

I'm actually not real. So not sure how you are seeing this message or answering it.

I'm not real either. I didn't see or answer this message.
How are you asking this question
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Do you or does any artist you know (of) do, y-you know, to their own pictures?

Not sure if it's possible. It's like tickling yourself. Can't do it.

What if you met a qt3.14159 comic-drawing-lady who wanted to be the oven for your cupcakes? Would you hold hands? Would you ask her to pls b a respect on a caek? Would you draw her butt?

Two years worth of cake batter would go GLOP GLOP as it poured endlessly into a cutest and oven.

Have you ever loved someone so much, you'd literally give an arm for them?

Does comics-chan count?
But seriously: no.
I bought a $3 slice of cake the other day. I could have used that money to save some kid somewhere... but I didn't. I don't even care that I didn't. In fact, I feel a little bit good for even thinking about this imaginary kid while I ate my delicious cake. I could have saved a kid from dehydration or a landmine, but nope.
And now I'm going to draw bat and templar comics like nothing happened.
That's the kind of guy I am.


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