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Suppose you're speed-dating and the qt3.14 across the table from you asks what you do. What do you tell her?

Same thing I always say:
"I draw cartoon butts."
Then I hand her my card with Cucpake puking.
"That's my daughter. She's 2D and a magical girl. Do you like kids?"
Then I get dragged to the door. Another productive day!
Suppose youre speeddating and the qt314 across the table from you asks what you

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Would you consider (pure) visual novels to be video games, or another form of interactive media?

ChrisCharabaruk’s Profile PhotoChris Charabaruk
You can set up definitions however you want, but definitions should be governed by clearly conceived purposes.
Personally, for most of the purposes I'm interested in -- no, I wouldn't call pure VNs games.
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Will indie game developers ever be free of gatekeepers trying to censor their games?

ChrisCharabaruk’s Profile PhotoChris Charabaruk
Nope. Just treat them like folks crying "blasphemy!" -- it's not that they're necessarily wrong. They have their criteria and I assume they've applied those criteria correctly. But we don't have to care about blasphemy. Screw 'em.
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Have you ever considered opening a pastry shop and naming it DanKim Donuts

I'd open a cake shop and call it "hi its my caekshop frum me cupcake hello ok its a caek2 com in hi"
every cake would be an erotic butt cake and come with a cutest and best selfie.

A hand-holding-virgin would just be clammy and awkward. You want a pro who knows all the positions and can hold your hand all night long.

No way, I don't want a bunch of Brad McHugehands telling me how they high fived my waifu ten at a time after the big game. And what if I try to give her one high and one low and I'm "too slow"?
No thanks.

Dan. Dan. There is only one thing that needs to be stated. The cake is a lie. How do you deal with it? How do you handle the knowledge that the cake never existed? Just the thought of it is driving me mad.

Have you ever written some bio or blog about your life or your journey In drawing and being an artist?Sorry If I haven't searched well for It.

Not really -- I've answered some questions on ask.fm about that stuff, but there's not lot to say.
I have an about page with a few details:
If you have specific questions, don't hesitate to ask.

It wouldn't be a surprise if you knew who I am. Don't worry though, I'd frost her nice and slowly.

Kuu... looks like I don't have a choice. I'll have to frost her myself first...!!


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