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How much do you plan out your storylines in advance? You seem to change your mind quite a lot...

>That is, I mean, when you designed Vicky, did you already have in mind to do what you're doing with her now? Or did it develop as it went along? Or do you just make it up panel by panel
Well, there's a great deal of background preparation and planning. The real pains are:
0) What is the idea/subject that I want to explore here?
1) What capacities do I want to build while working on the project?
2) Based on 0: what do I really think about that idea/subject?
3) based on 2 and 1, what is the appropriate form of the comic?
Since 2 tends to evolve during the early part of a comic, things shift around as I work on it. There's usually a lot of false starts (see: the vampire bride graveyard -- http://manga.clone-army.org/viewer.php?series=graveyard_snax&page=1&lang=english )
Vicky was pretty clear from the start though -- I wanted a totally beat up, worn down stub of a human being with a lot of sin on her plate retreating into an unsustainable fantasy at the end of her life. I want to take the lessons of NNN, apply them with a light touch, and see if things hold -- I want to deny the patterns, insist on the shattered/patchwork view... .... well, there's more to say, but anyway I do a lot of planning and preparation and try to get as clear as possible about what I'm doing. But like building anything new, you let your goals drive the design -- you don't just pick a design and stick to it.

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favorite kind of doughnut? I like strawberry frosted ring, nothing too fancy

Honestly, I like an Old Fashioned. I also enjoy jelly, coffee, dutchies, sour cream glazed, maple... actually, I'm pretty much okay with any donut.

Say you were to pass away tomorrow. Would you leave your art and characters in a will for someone else to carry on the story? Have everything burried with you? Or something else...?

Nah. When I die the server payments will stop and the comics will vanish. This is as it should be.

So Vicky see the glass as half full or half empty?

She not really good with that kind of question. In the old days she'd scowl at you for asking. These days she might laugh it off and try to change the subject.

Which is cutest: two characters who are [in a relationship], [where one has a crush on the other], or [where they have unrequited love for each other]?

Comfy relationship!
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If you were an ice cream flavor, what would you be?

Maple matcha ripple ice cream cupcakes. This is weeaboo country.

Dan Kim, you're so productive I don't have time to read all your Patreon emails! What can be done about this!?

Just check the activity feed whenever you want! It's all there! =3=


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