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Why is sporty warrior girl + bishie megane magic guy the most hnnnnng pairing in fantasy?

Wow, please pack up that shit taste and get it out of here.

Would you draw a trap if it was a commission though

Sure, why not? It's just drawing a girl and saying it's a boy.

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>Are you a cute grill who shoots lasers? I do shoot lasers a-and sometimes boys tell me I'm cute...

Okay, please enjoy your pantsuit comic.
Liked by: Hat-chan

when/if vampire princess gets its owns fancy book thing will you have spent hours of sweat and blood needlessly making super detailed backgrounds for every panel.

My background drawing still isn't fast/good enough yet. That said, I will be adding some original comics drawn at higher quality to the print companion book. (probably an origin story and a cute side story about vampire batsocks. Also some 4komas).

Am I supposed to understand what happens in Shitpire Princess Slut or is it the other kind of thing?

Also yes, but give it a while. The first 'volume' highly fragmented.

Uh, Dan...when are you going to make a new series about me?

Are you a cute grill who shoots lasers? If not, you may be out of luck.

How would the world be different if you had never existed?

Fewer cakes eaten, fewer butts drawn, not much else changes.

If KappuKeiki-tan had a seiyuu of your choice, who would be worthy of voicing a cutest?

The most annoying youtube attention whore I could find. The more selfish and narcissistic the better.

So, I'm interested in commissioning you (the $99 pledge), but I'm wondering about somethings before I decide for sure: 1) About how large would it be? 2) Is there a limit to the # of characters that can be in the picture? 3) How will we discuss the contents of the picture? Email/Skype? Thanks!

1) I draw the image in a 9 x 12 inch board (trimmed down to 8.5 x 11.5 or 8 x 11 after drawing depending on what looks right).
2) I'll spend about a half day to a day drawing it. That limits the # of characters obviously. Since this is a waifu commission it's usually a single character -- and usually the more freedom you give the better results tend to be. You can ask for more, but results tend to suffer (don't expect an image that looks like one of the all-cast top pics on the website which take a week to do).
3) Over email or the patreon messenger system! Up to you. : >

Is booty true booty without dem hips? Or is booty and hips separate?

My A Cutest and a Best has plenty of booty without hips.
u can b a 2a caek enuf if u want ok

Guy who did How to Embarrass a Duck, Hooray For Church. I think his website was Team Special Olympics. Was a big fan. I could have sworn I was first introduced to your work through him quite a few years ago. Now that I've found you again, i thought... maybe it was another artist?

Hmm -- never knew the guy, sorry.

What would you do if you woke up some kind of ludicrous swoonworthy Adonis? But still same Dan inside.

I'd have to be careful. Wouldn't want to catch myself mirin'.
Anyway, it wouldn't help anyway -- the problem is my obsession with comics and the fact that everything and everyone else comes second.

What are you watching this season? What's on your list for next season?

I'm going to pick up Amagi Brilliant Park. I'm not actively watching anything at the moment though -- too busy with Vampire Bride. Not sure what I'll watch next season...


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