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hey so I did some active stuff today and yesterday and I'm feeling much better and everything is great again! Thanks again for all the help, everyone! You're the coolest guys

Glad to hear it!
Keep at it, brah!
hey so I did some active stuff today and yesterday and Im feeling much better

do you ever like start doubting your own free will and shit ;_;

Nah, not these days. I've bottomed out and the questions and answers are now so subtle, dry, and boring, and unconvincing that I've lost interest in the whole area.
It seems to me like we're monkeys trying to hammer the ocean flat here -- there are some that are convinced that we could make progress if we could find the nails in the damn thing, but I'm not hopeful. Our mental machinery just might not be compatible with the task, and heck, the task might not be worthwhile in the first place.

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When you're exploring a dungeon in a game, do you usually take the first staircase down (up, in the case of towers) that you find? Or, do you prefer to map the entire floor before you move on?

I'll immediately take the stairs to take a peek at the next floor, then come right back down to map the rest of the floor that I missed.

Th-thanks for the tips, everyone. It means a lot! I'll give them a go and see how I fare, hopefully things'll perk up when I get a bit of holiday too

I know you can do it. Remember his words: we're all gonna make it, brah.

dan I've been feeling pretty depressed for days and it's upsetting me and people who I care about and that care about me and making things difficult for us and in general, what to do pls help

Work out. Hard. Until it feels like your muscles are about to explode.
And then eat some fresh meat, fruits and vegetables.
It's often a mistake to look for a "reason" for your depression -- It's far more likely that there's a kink in the chain of causation, not in the chain of reason.

It's Thanksgiving in America Land! What are you thankful for?

Thankful for living in peace and plenty and growing up in an age of marvels: I got to see a robot take selfie on Mars, a human play a guitar on a space station like it was any ol' thang, and draw stupid butt comics on device that makes Star Trek interfaces look clunky and old. This morning I drank tea grown in China with a French bread while listening to Japanese music on German headphones while a metal skyship flew over a 100 year old oratory at 500+ kph.
I'm grateful for games and those who play 'em -- also for comics and those who read them.
Also little things like cute haircuts on girls, happy country dogs, slightly rainy autumn mornings that make staying in bed extra comfy.
10/10 great life would play again

Would a meta comic about a meta magical girl be meta enough for the meta audiences to appreciate

I will do Cupcake's series eventually. The problem right now is that her series is TOO FULL OF STUFF. And it keeps spawning more and more interesting lines to follow. It's like a bunch of beautiful wicker statues, all woven in together on top of one another so they're impossible to decipher. By teasing out one statue, the remaining statues hidden in the tangle become more visible. Vampire Bride, this Christmas cake thing, the Himecut and Short comic -- all these are attempts to pull out statues and get at Cupcake's true form, hidden inside.
I'll get there eventually. Just gotta keep at it.
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Will we ever get a naruto style 700chapter cupcaek adventure fun time

I have a feeling that Cupcake may only appear as a magical girl in other magical girl comic series. She is a meta-magical girl...?!

Musume raping simulator when?

Your cyber-musume can be kidnapped and robo-impregnated by machines in Mother||Child. The next generation (should you retrieve her) will be set on a different track... ...

wich kancolle wud u fuq

I don't play or know anything about Kancolle. The evil ships are alright in my book, though.

Who is best harem girl and why is it always childhood friend?

Because your taste is hit. The best is mysterious transfer student who is secretly your yandere imouto from a rich family that disowned you. As she observes your NEET life and grooms you into a proper man her motherly instincts awaken and a forbidden love begins to bloom....
Meddling aunts and uncles want to set you up with distant cousins to get their share of the money, but your imouto chases them away. The refined but cold-as-ice daughter of a powerful political family wants to marry to make an alliance and steals you away -- but there's a scandal, a murder, and the mob gets involved, and you and your imouto go on the run...
There's a reason why your family disowned you. It's this cursed eye that's said to bring calamity to all near it. And the mysterious witch of fates that appears only to you. She offers to end it all and take you away to a place without fear or pain. In exchange, a calamity will befall this world. The world will not end. People will only suffer. This power was used many times in the past -- you wouldn't be the only one.
Your wish is to punish those who wouldn't accept your forbidden love, but your imouto stops you -- how could you punish the world that brought them together? She's right.
It's a lovers suicide. Roll credits. Some still pictures of an alternate world where the two of them were born into different families and had a happy life -- dating, school festival, wedding, kids, etc.
Also there is some time travel, paranormal stuff, and ham-fisted social commentary using the politician's daughter as a mouth piece and a dark-ritual/resurrection sex scene. Also set slightly in the future so I can put cool things like habitat rings in the sky while setting the story in a quiet rural township.
Title is
~allegro integration~

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Would you rather encounter a titan-sized loli or a hundred loli-sized titans?

A titan-sized loli. I can always, swing around back, do a rear attack, and pull the a smaller loli out of the smouldering wreckage. Just like the normal-sized ones!

Yesterday I expressed my love for delicious flat chests and got called a variety of names, so my question is how do you deal with the dfc haters...and police investigator units?

I pity the haters and fear the police. They will never understand the truth behind our love.

What are some suggestions/tips/what have you for drawing joints, specifically fingers, elbows, and knees?

Don't put down too many lines -- it's ugly and easy to go wrong. Strip it down to the bare minimum,
There are also some cheap tricks you an use. The most useful is probably extending lines into the limbs -- check out the elbow and shoulder on the bat. I use Sushio and Imaishi Hiroyuki's stuff as ref -- you might want to check their stuff out if you haven't already.
What are some suggestionstipswhat have you for drawing joints specifically


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