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What is your stance on futas

Massive three-foot dicks on flat-chested twintails splitting big-boobed onee-chans in half. The deeper the onee-chan's humiliation the better. Onee-chan's useless, wimpy, small-dicked boyfriend should weep and fap in the corner as his dreams are destroyed. Twintail's contempt for the onee-chan must ever escalating. The story should end with twintails pulling out of onee-chan's permanently broken hole and dripping frothy, stringy goo all over the equally broken bf. No dicks touching. No balls. That's gay.

Im glad you made a patreon! Im always happy to support and artist I like! 'u'

For for reading! =w=
And thanks for keeping the dream alive. ;w;

Will we ever see cutest bat in a maid's outfit 'serving' her lovely waifu???

Sounds like a perfect reader christmas present. =3=

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I am willing to enter the Cupcake club tier on your patreon if you draw Cupcake dressed up as your favorite EO class. Please do. (I was actually feeling guilty I wasn't giving anything back for your cute ask.fm drawings after getting quite a few of them, so here we go.)

Done and done. Nopantsu Hexer Darkcake coming up next.

Re: Andrew Hussie Your short comics remind me a lot of his old Scribblettes, and your long-form comics remind me a lot of his old long-form comics. Unfortunately, he seems to have finally deleted his old website, so I can't link you to all of it.

Hm! Well, that's interesting.

but I wanna spend awake time with my husbando ;~;

Make his manly chest as your pillow, his scrotum your blanket, and anal cavity your foot warmer
Hi I am good at romance this is how humans romance right
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Post da best roleplaying-related story ya got

Don't really have any. I guess I enjoyed drawing Sayakar... does that count?

1/3 Dear Dan Kim-Senpai, I noticed you from the very first day you transferred to our school. As soon as I set my eyes on you my heart went doki-doki. Your soft, greasy neckbeard, the nervous sweat dripping from every pore on your face, the spaghetti spilling from every pocket... cont'

>2/3 I was particularly impressed by the baby carrot protruding from the front of your pants I assume was your penis at full mast. While everyone else laughed and mocked, I admired you. Dan-Senpai, will you put on a blue wig and be my waifu? I don't even have to be your number one, cont'
>3/3 Pardon my lewdness but I want to hold your hand and watch Chinese cartoons with you. And if you let me I will feed you tacos and touch your butt. I don't mind playing second fiddle to Sakura and I can guarantee you my chest is at least three times as flat as hers! I hope u notice me back -Anon
>blue wig
I know who this is you massive sayakafag also stop betraying Sayaka, you shit.

Hey Dan, have you watched the "ME!ME!ME!" video? It's on the Japanese Animator Expo website. I was asking people around on what is their take on interpreting the story. I was hoping you could share your part too.

Yup, I watched it. Great stuff.
It's the standard complaint -- there's nothing in nature as sweet and amazing as cake, no 3DPD can hold a candle to your 2D waifu, no adventure you can have will be as amazing as [your favourite story]. In short, that our fantasies are too good. That reality doesn't live up to the books.
Then there's another complaint about superficiality -- that there's something deeper or higher that we're obligated to face, and we've turned out back to it. That maybe all we're doing is hitting the switch like a lab-monkey, shocking our brain in the right way, and that we ought to take responsibility for hooking ourselves up to the machine. Or that if we can't take responsibility, we should at least feel regret.
I feel no such regret. I don't think we need to worry about supernormal stimulus deadening us to "real", "genuine" experiences. I don't think we need to worry about the stupid and frivolous crowding out the virtuous and sublime.
There is a story about a comedy film that was so hilarious that anyone who watched it died of laughter. There is an much older story about a statue so lovely that its maker fell in love with it. Both of these sound like a fine way to cash out - as a person, as a society, as a species. If we did, then it would be a fine joke, and reality would live up to the books after all.

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So, you seem to like Etrian Odyssey quite a lot. I tried to get into it with EO4 but was left disappointed, what are your favorite games of the series so I can try and check them out?

Play EO3 -- it's the last non-casualized EO. Fantastic. I still go back and play it when I get tired of Ricky and company in EO: Untold.

When did The Simpsons stop being good?

After it got topical and starting bringing on celebrities. No big deal, we got 5-6 good seasons out of it.

what's your favorite area/topic in mathematics?

Didn't really have one. I was in the math dept. because I thought it was important to know something about reality, not because I thought it was especially fun or gripping.

Has anyone ever compared you to a pre-Homestuck Andrew Hussie, just with teenage anime girls instead of horses?

Nope. I have no idea what pre-homestuck Hussie was like. I have no idea what post-Homestuck Hussie is like either -- I don't read HS. Tell me more.

If you had more money than you ever need, would you give it away?

I'd try and find good causes. Maybe create an all-girl musical troupe that uses magical mechs to fight demons from another world -- that sort of thing.

How do the $79+ pledges work anyway? It looks like they're recurring; do they get a portrait a month?

Yup, every month, though you can just sign up for one month and cancel the next. It's more like a commission slot.

I've tried reading NNN multiple times, but even after listening to the audio afterward, I can't make much sense of it (especially the stuff in the middle). Am I just too dumb for it?

Nope, there's no "hidden secret" or anything. There's no "puzzle" there -- your attitude towards the book should be like the rabbit's attitude toward his life and his newspaper. He looks at himself, his life, and finds that the words don't do the work he wants them to do. He looks at the world (his newspaper) and he sees a strange jumble of events that resist all attempts at organization, He tries to get a sharper image of both himself and the world by using each as a background for the other, but it's hopeless. He's agitated, maybe even in turmoil, but on the surface everything around him is totally mundane -- a pot of tea, a waste basket, just another evening without Alice. If only things were like the books -- then Alice would appear and things would fit together properly. If only books could be like The Real -- then our words could really do the job we want and get us into contact with the Really Real. But it's hopeless, isn't it?
The middle section is pounding out various attempts at coping with this situation. By the end the rabbit himself becomes part of this patchwork world and does his little disappearing act with Alice. He slips under the covers and out the door, somewhere beyond the final page.

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