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Can you continue being awesome and making my life a little better everyday? p.s: pls don't an hero yourself

I'll do my best. Thanks for the kind words.

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Dan there's an important thing I need to do but I'm nervous and I keep putting it off help me pls

There is no tomorrow, only today. And how you spend today is how you spend your entire life.
Do it now. NOW.
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Do you drink? If so, what's your favorite kind of alcohol?

I used to drink a LOT. But these days I only drink socially, and only very modestly.
Last scotch I really loved was Lagavulin 16.
Favourite mixed drink: Manhattan.
I also like gin and tonic, though it makes me feel really sad.
For beer: Boddingtons pub ale, Guinness, and Unibroue's La Fin Du Monde with a good burger.

If I stand on the tracks and grab the overhead line, will I go like a train?

I dunno, give it a try. Report back with results.

Dan, I once heard a quote that said "The easiest part of becoming an artist is learning how to draw". Do you have an opinion on this?

Well, I take that as a suggestion that the "right" conception of art is one that includes more than technique mastery (for some normal definition of "technical mastery"). You can have perfect technique, but without the right goals, the right conditions, and the right knowledge of yourself and the world ... well, all that technique will be squandered. In short, you need wisdom and imagination. But I'm not sure what anyone can do to acquire either. Mere accumulation of knowledge isn't sufficient to produce wisdom. You can't "imagine harder".
In its highest form though, I think questions like this -- questions about Art -- become questions about Life. What are we to do with ourselves? What is important? What can be said and what can be done? How do we and the world fit together, if we do? The various imaginative attempts to expand the sphere of human possibility in response to such concerns could be called the artistic tradition. Such a formulation would weave together nicely the products of religion, science, philosophy, pop culture, teenage angst, productions of traditional societies, as well as what we now call the arts. If you accept such a formulation, becoming an artist will seem hard for the same reason becoming a human being is hard -- the ultimate art is the art of living well, and every life poses the problems anew, we're always just beginning, and then it's over.
Well. That's my weekday answer. My weekend answer is that a lot of this artistic angst stuff is a kind of luxury-anxiety which is best explained in evolutionary-biological terms and all this other stuff -- stuff about art-as-such -- is a kind of linguistic apparition combined with a lot of posturing. Becoming an artist is no different than becoming a sports player -- you just have to specify the sport and the rules. If the rules are up for grabs, then so is what it takes to be a player. That's all there is to it-- nothing deeper or shallower than that.
I'm still floundering around on question like this, too. But that's art. That's life.

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Dan. I have to ask this one. How do I become a master of black comedy? Having read Nana quite a while back I was struck by how almost every page had me on the floor. Tell me your secrets. Is it a state of mind or what?

Glad you liked Nana. =w=
re: your question -- I think it's a coping mechanism. Galllows humour is best humour, but you'll only be able to do it in a genuine way if you can convince yourself that it is laughter alone that does not echo in the abyss. If the absence of cosmic justice provokes in you the ability to shrug and shake your head wryly you're well on the right track.

Also in addition to my previous ask about wanting to drown you in dosh, you should definitely go to conventions and advertise yourself and your work. Publicity = potential customers = money. It's definitely worth missing three days of grinding for.

Online ads are probably more cost effective. But I do want to do a con again sometime -- I just have to have some new material to show and some motivation to get away from the desk.

A Patreon can work either for updates on your site or just monthly payments, and I think I speak for most when the latter sounds more than okay even in addition to Kickstarters. I'd be very willing to help you get along just for your doodles and then pay up for big projects. Maybe with discounts?

Okay, that's good to know. Maybe I'll just give some exclusive goodies to patreon folks whenever I do a kickstarter? Like, if you're subbed and you automatically get some stuff from the KS. If you're subbed AND you get in on the KS, you'll get some secret items that can only be attained this way...?
Hmm... anyway, I'll keep it in mind.

When you gonna get a Patreon already bro

Ueeh~ I'll think about it.
One thing I really don't want to do is 'double dip' -- there's the Kickstarter stuff for large projects like books that need a big wad of cash to start up, then there are the comics which can be done on a few hundred bucks a month. I don't want rewards or projects to overlap and I want to provide lots of value with both. Hrm.
I should figure this out and get things set up...

How to show interest if poor at the moment

Well, if the Kickstarter does well I'll be able to order a few extra books. You can pick it up later. =3=

Probably just different wording, it's a bag of corn chips where I am, not a bag of nachos. Nachos is when you cook the chips with salsa and cheese and whatever else. Canned nachos? Pringles-style nachos when?

Ahhhh, I see. Now that I really look at the bag, it says "tortilla chips". I guess I've been using the word "nacho" wrong all these years... welp.

Any time frame for when we can expect this Vampire Bride book? Or is that too far out to estimate?

I'll probably do a Kickstarter for it in a couple weeks to see if people really want it. If they do, I'll build the book alongside Vampire Bride over the next year.

Annis revival plotline I want this in the book

I'll do it like Superman. Robot Annis, Super Drunkard Annis, Templar Girl Prime, etc.

will there ever be a vampire brides book/comic thinyg like the NNN dothingy...words

Yes! I'm going to make a companion book with:
1) original comics (not on the web) with some of Vicky's back story and a short story about the bat's socks
2) encyclopaedic entries on Vampire Bride world (comic will be updated to reference entries)
3) maps, charts, pull-apart diagrams of weapons, etc.
maybe some other stuff... let me know if there's something you really want in the book!


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