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Are you going to be at Anime Expo?

Nope. I'm way out in Montreal and I don't travel well.
I do want to go someday, but it's hard to justify the trip to myself when I should be at home drawing comics. ;w;

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The nana comic is so sad how do you manipulate our feels so much

It's actually just a bunch of Key-level tricks (Key, the visual novel company)... the tricks are very effective, but once you figure out how it works it's not very interesting from a writing perspective. Basically: extremely simple characters (so the reader can project anything on to them), an unusual source of suffering (so there's no 'real case' to compare things against and there's plenty of room for the imagination), and then just keep the reader on an emotional roller-coaster and obfuscate the hand of god with a pseudo-spiritual fog machine. Bonus points for a streak of (black) comedy through the thing -- it's like salt on watermelon, accentuating the flavour.
That's not to say the comic is insincere -- it is. I was in tears while finishing the last 7-8 strips (I drew 'em in a single sitting on an empty stomach in Toronto). But any follow up I did to Nana that tread the same territory /would/ be insincere. That's why I now avoid Nana territory at all costs. It's was a fine trick, but one not to be repeated (by me, anyway).

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Dan, As a person and entity on the internet, do you get a lot of trolling, hate mail, threats, and/or other examples of the best of human nature? If yes, how do you deal with it? Thanks and Keep drawing.

Yeah, I used to get lots of mail (both fan and hate mail) but that was years ago, when I was more popular. Most of the hatemail came from people used to reading tame newspaper comics and were shocked when they found comics on the web for the first time. Classic T42R and the 9/11 comics drew the most hate, ha ha. Times have changed, though.
Anyway, I never took that stuff too seriously. The silent, lukewarm majority don't write letters or leave comments. They have more important things to do. So when you open up your mailbox, you only see the extreme ends of your audience. And frankly, even the extremes aren't that extreme -- for 99.99999999% of their lives, fans and haters don't give you a second thought - they have their own shit to do and worry about. You don't /really/ matter to them. Only a total narcissist with a serious persecution complex could take hatemail very seriously. Only a insecure twit would use fanmail to prop up their ego. Hatemail should be met with temperance and genuine attempts to understand (even if you ultimately dismiss them) -- fanmail should be met with gratitude (as any gift should be) but should not be allowed to feed your ego.
Bottom line: warm and fuzzy mails, snide internet comments, puffed up critics, reviews, sales, e-drama, etc. -- come on. Be serious now. Anything might influence you, but your star to steer by should always be the work itself. That's the important thing. Focus on that. All that other stuff is really just that -- "other stuff".
Well. That was then. These days I mostly get requests to team up ("idea guys" who want an artist) or a nice note from someone who used to read Nana or Tomoyo42 in middleschool. Sometimes people draw a cutest and best -- I like those mails the most. =3=

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Who would win in a fight between iDOLM@STER, Love Live, and K-ON?

Pretty sure Makoto instantly shatter Yui's face and send the K-ONs packing. Miki shame the Love Lives with her superior a cutest until they individually burst into tears, walked home, burned their clothes, flushed their makeup, put their hair unto unattractive braided pig-tails and renounced idolhood forever.
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How often do you work out?

I do some pushups or pullups whenever I want a break from drawing. I can't do weights due to blood pressure / eye problems and running is out for the same reason. Just slow and steady bodyweight exercises for me. I like leg lifts, punches, and kicks...but I hate squats.

Dan, how can I get you to draw faster? I'm throwing money at my screen but nothing happened except a cracked screen. (Okay, I only have loose change under the couch TT_TT)

I'm going to start drawing a lot faster! 1-3 pages a day... but I'm away from montreal at the moment and can't work at full capacity. I'll be back home and working on the comics starting on the 12th. Also keep an eye out for the KS... probably pretty soon...

What is limbo like Dan

A place where you have the odd feeling that you're late for an appointment but you can't remember when or where you're supposed to be -- that's there's something important you left at home but you can't remember what or where that is -- like you're just about to wake up, but you can't wake up. Everything's all jumbled. And you go on and on like that, arms out, wandering barefoot in the dark forever.

Thank you for the summary on Vampire Princess! *V* Very interested in the future events! Love the character's so far (Vicky and cutest bat being my fav).

Thanks for reading! =w=
Thank you for the summary on Vampire Princess V Very interested in the future
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Show the figurines you cake...p-please.

I think the pics on on my other computer. I'll have to wait until I'm back in Montreal (another day or two).

U-um hello! I'm caught up with Vampire Princess, but i'm still confused about a few things. Could you give a little summary of what's happening right now if you have the time?

It's okay to be confused, a lot hasn't been explained yet.
So far -- Vicky is beat up, rusted out Templar magical girl who was sent to kill the vampire princess but ended up running away with her instead. They've taken refuge in Enna's Domain -- a sacred territory far to the north where human believers cannot enter. A squad of assassins was dispatched to kill Vicky or bring her back (along with the vampire princess) but only Annis crossed over into Enna's Domain (with predictable results).
Just think of this as the epilogue of a long, long story. We'll go back in time and skip around a bit to explain things-- how Vicky and the bat met, the long and arduous journey from the human realm to Enna's Domain, how Vicky lost her arm, the curse, the second moon, the origins of the vampire apocalypse, etc. ... ... For now, just enjoy the ride. =w=

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