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Do you ever get mistaken for the other Dan Kim (the red mango guy)? I feel warm thinking about all the frozen yogurt fankids looking up his name on the internets and finding out that you make comics about lolis with frosting.

Never, but the thought also warms my heart. I should redirect clone manga to "Ok u can do ur frosted on me <3 Yogurt".

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Where do regular ponytails rank?

God tier:
Tiny tiny fluffy shortcut barely-a-ponytail tier
high tier:
High, shorter-than-chin-length straight-edge-himecut ponytail
mid tier:
all other ponytails

It doesn't matter how much you may hate yourself, we* will always love you and think you're a cute. Not the cutest, but a cute nonetheless. *Like, a lot of people, maybe, I guess

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Where did Cupcake learn to type?

I don't think she actually types - she just randomly hits the keyboard when she misses the selfie button.

Why do you like butts so much when the top of the cupcake is the the best part? It's the smoothest, and it's where the frosting goes.

It's true, but pls do a notise on cupcakes a cutest cake ok u shud no it rite ok pls lern a cutest
Why do you like butts so much when the top of the cupcake is the the best part
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You come across a painting of a rather beautiful pink-haired girl in a long flowing dress. You can't take your eyes away from it, the minutes are passing by, and you feel like she'll come to life any moment. What do you do?

[x] pray to the embodiment of hope
Your courage increased. Your next loop feels lucky!
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Which country do you want to visit?

I want to do a hot spring / restaurant tour of Japan some time. Gotta drop by Akiba while I'm at it.

When you're setting goals do you set a bunch of small ones over the course of a few days, or just bigger ones spaced far apart, or some other way? How do you also constantly find the energy, or drive to start/finish projects?

A few large, long term goals.
Based on those goals you make smaller goals and milestones to hit along the way.
I try to think of projects in terms of the skills they will build, the questions or motivations driving 'em, flavour, and new project possibilities they open up.
A few rules to getting things done, staying motivated, and keeping things in perspective:
1) No zero days: always get SOMETHING done today. Even if it's just a single sentence, just a little grinding, or one decision, do it. Always keep the ball moving forward.
2) Start now: Don't fool yourself into believing you can start later when you have the skills to do your project justice. The only way to get the skills you want is to work now. NOW. The project might turn out badly, but the next project will be better.
3) Your current project is a crash course for your next project: ... ... so don't be a perfectionist. Instead, work hard to extract maximum value out of the project (in terms of skills built, doors opened, books closed).
4) You don't have enough time: you're going to die. Even worse, you're going to get old. And soon. There's only a small window of time in which you'll have the energy, drive, youth, and lack of responsibilities necessary to do anything interesting. Build skills quickly. Work your ass off every day. And do it now. NOW. NOW. NOW.
5) You have 24 hours in a day. Maybe 8-12 of those are actually useful. How you spend those hours is how you spend your life. That's it.
6) The world will get on fine without you: the world was fine before your project existed and it'll be fine without it. Know when to walk away. The project isn't everything.

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Yo Dan, long time fan of your comic (tomoyo's room) but just now found your ask.fm. Glad to see that you're okay. Some of your more depressed strips hit too close to home for me at a certain period of my life, but now I've gotten a little better and I hope you did, too. Stay cool, you're great.

Thanks, man. Glad to hear you're in a good place now.
I'm doing alright - the long term future looks very grim, but there's only one path forward. I intend to see these comics through to the end.
Yo Dan long time fan of your comic tomoyos room but just now found your askfm


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