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Ribbed sweaters - what's better, turtlenecks, or the kind with the collar that starts around the shoulders?

Turtlenecks! Sweaters with collars that start at the shoulder are just oversized bodysocks.

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What's the weirdest request you've gotten--and fulfilled?

Honestly, I tend not to remember those. A lot of the 'weird' ones are just being clever for the sake of being clever -- they don't even really want those drawings.

How do I waifu?

It's not something you try to do. It's something that happens to you. You'll know you're waifu when you see her.

Shiny pink spots on skin. Totally moe delicacy, or abomination to art?

They look like enormous pimples. It can look alright, but it's mostly used as shortcut say something's a cutest. It's like adding balsamic vinegar to cover up your piss-poor salad. You should do the work and make it a cutest without that.

What if, right, what if there was a girl, on one side DCT and on the other DFC? It could be the hot new hybrid that pleases both markets!

Pancake in the front, 2cake in the back. That's a cakest.
What if right what if there was a girl on one side DCT and on the other DFC It

Do you prefer very spicy or non-spicy food?

Spicy! Not so spicy it hurts, though. I once ate a veal cutlet+jalapeño burger and it was amazing painful. It actually gave me a headache. My mouth is watering, my face is sweating, and my scalp is tingling just remembering the thing.


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