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That's not Seaport Hime, Dan.

I like it when she hugs Northern Ocean Hime. Then I think about all the other ships she's docked and wonder if Hime gets all pouty and jelly.

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Forgive me if asked before but who is your Kancolle wife of choice? Are you down with the Abyssal units, considering they're actually the best

I don't play Kancolle or know much about them. But Northern Ocean Hime a cutest.

How can Cupcake-tan be a cutest and a best when she's not a himecut?

Because she's a twintail. Please lern it rite on a cutest twintails

If someone stole Cupcake's butt, would she still be a cutest and a best?

Please don't make me contemplate such a terrible thing. I can't bear the thought of that butt being in someone else's hands. it's not a caek
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Eyebrows more like why-brows, you should make them cuter and better and smaller

I am going to find you and murder the eyebrows of everyone you love.
They'll be looking for those follicles for years you bitch
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What is your most treasured possession?

At the moment, this Cintiq Companion. Makes drawing a joy again.
Okay, now gimme my endorsementbux, Wacom.

i'm having a really bad day where nothing worked out and it's all my fault. i don't know what to do

Sleep on it. In your current state you'll be likely to take rash actions.
You'll have a cooler head in the morning and you'll be able to figure it out. Unless you're in a truly abnormal situation, all the normal steps apply: discount sunk costs immediately, discover the actual situation (what do you have? what is now possible?), identify your interests (short, medium, long term), consult trusted advisers, set a goal, make a plan, review the plan, carry it though, reassess and adjust as necessary.
Please accept this sleeping tiny a cutest as a goodnight charm.
im having a really bad day where nothing worked out and its all my fault i dont
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