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Do you prefer a Halloween costume to be scary? Funny? Sexy? Elaborate? Something else?

I like coordinated cosplays with a gag -- like a fancy-dress zombie with a fork, knife and bib + a vampire waiter with a brain restaurant push-cart.

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We're sitting around a campfire, and now its your turn to tell a spooky story!

NegativeSilence’s Profile PhotoArtemi
Ones on up a tiem
it was a scardy monster an its in ur bed ok
u shudnt b a scare on it
bc its not a monstrs falte its liek dat u shud b a respect ok
pls b on a respct on a monster =3=
dont b a h8 on a monster whos eat a baby its ok=3=
Were sitting around a campfire and now its your turn to tell a spooky story

What are you most excited about right now?

This magical girl comic. Also frustrated and worried, but that's normal.

No harpies? confirmed for lacking taste

I don't really like standard harpies. Enna's daughters are what I like - cute and small, a nice bird form, and a hidden horror.
No harpies confirmed for lacking taste

Best monster girl?

Elliot_page’s Profile PhotoElliot Page
1) Vampire
2) Robot (is that a monster?)
3) Demon/Devil
4) Lamia (huge or tiny)
5) Faeries (tiny ones)
6) Plants
I like witches too, but they're not monsters... : <

When you're playing a game, how frequently do you save?

Whenever a save point comes up, and twice in row (because paranoia).

I could push your buttons regarding romance comics, but I won't. Instead, which is best, mummies, gill-men, ghosts, wolf-men, or utterly alien eldritch entities from outside our universe?

Cosmic horror is best horror! Pic related.
I could push your buttons regarding romance comics but I wont  Instead which is


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