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So are Enna's daughters her actual biological daughters or were they made using magic?

No one knows. Vicky doesn't think Enna's daughters look anything like her, but she gets the feeling she shouldn't ask about it. Enna can be really scary and the daughters can be really spooky. It's probably best to leave it alone.

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How many ask.fm/Twitter followers do you have?

83 and 2094. I think about 80% of that is made up of idle and bot accounts, though.

CONGRATULATION. You have won a week-long, all expenses paid trip for one to ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. Where will you be going?

Hmm. Probably that hot springs and Akihabara tour I've always wanted to do.

Your waifu/husbando, significant other, idealized future daughter, or similar important person has been kidnapped by bad guys. The kidnappers call you to talk ransom demands. What do you say while you have them on the line?

"Wrong number." [click]
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Dan, what's your opinion on the belief that you need to be really good at drawing realistically in order to get good at drawing cartoons/animoos/mangos?

Well, depends what kind of cartoon you're drawing. If you're doing superflat stuff it may not matter too much. But if you're good at drawing 3D objects in general you're good for cartoons, realistic stuff, pretty much anything. If you see a really good animator, for example, you can get they can do very decent realistic stuff, too.

Do you like your mecha big/stompy or fast/agile? Super one-of-a-kind or military-grade?

Abominations (like Evangelions) and unnatural/spooky (like Zearth, from Bokurano). Maybe that means I don't really like mecha.

How do Vikky and Snax have children? Who gets pregnant? Or do vampires just produce spores that turn into tiny fluffy bats?

A giant stork arrives one day with a big rolled up leaf. There's a cloud of a cutest and bats inside.
... actually, there's already a hint about this early on. Check the Sigrid chapter.

Hi Dan, thanks for answering my question (the one about technical skill and stuff). I guess I just wanted to ask if there was ever a time when your technical skill (or lack thereof) ever prevented you from drawing any of the ideas in your head, and how frequently that happened. Thanks again

No problem, man. But yeah, don't let your skill or lack thereof stop you. The only way to get better is to do the work.

have you ever considered making videos (speedpaints, tutorials, or just talking about random shit)? woudl be real helpful for those of us that keep missing your livestreams because of shitty chrome addons >_>

I dunno, that's not really fun for me. I enjoy interacting with the folks in chat. Just talking into a mic isn't that fun.

That's the reason why so many of your characters wear gloves and such, isn't it?

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Well, I don't draw anyone with fingernails anyway...

We all know what's your most favorite body part to draw, so I'm gonna ask: what's your least?

Fingernails. They never look right to me (unless we're talking about vampire claws).

Hey Dan, you might have answered this one before, but i can't search through 700+ answers right now bweh Anyway, how important do you think pure technical skill is to being an artist? (Like perspective, anatomy, etc, as opposed to, say, imagination.) How important has it been for you personally?

Well, it depends what you want to do.
If you're going to draw cover art, draw card illustrations, etc. your anatomy, colour, etc. should be right on point. If you're doing designs, obviously creativity plays a larger role. If you're doing comics, your technical skill may not matter at all (Dinosaur Comics, XKCD, SMBC, Far Side, Peanuts, etc.) matter a little (Calvin and Hobbes, most 4 komas) or be very important (SUPER INTERESTING comics like To Love Ru). Sometimes a single amazing feature of the art trumps everything (amazing background porn in BLAME!), other times an amazing idea can trump pretty dodgy art (Shingeki no Kyojin). Sometimes all you need to do is hit a certain market right in their Special Snowflake strike zone and nothing else matters (Homestuck).
As for myself, I try to see what projects I can do what I have with the skill set I have available and then use those projects to grow certain skills so that new project types become viable options later on. Every current project is the training ground for the next project. At the same time, you can end up closing doors by levelling your ability. It's kind of interesting to me that certain comics wouldn't have worked with a more sophisticated skill set (for example, I think Nana really benefited from naive drawings).
So yeah, have an idea of what you want to do, but don't put off your projects until you think you're good enough. You'll never be 'good enough' in your own mind. Do your project now and use it as a training ground to improve and open up new possibilities for future works.

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Do you find it possible to, like, guess who's asking what anonymous question from the writing style/what they ask/say?

Get outta here, Esper.

(1) Do you like hurting other people? (2) Who is leaving questions on your Ask.fm? (3) Where are you right now? (4) Why are we having this conversation?

Your tears are like candy.
You are.
Right here.
Bweh =w=

Do you still have a day job, or do you work on your comics full time?

I quit my day job. Making free to play "games" (really just value extraction software / glorified slot machines) is not my idea of a life well spent. AAA games have also become soulless money-making enterprising (like big budget Hollywood blockbuster movies). I'm going to make comics and indie games and that's it.

>Nope, everyone's pretty different. Sempai, what color of sheep are you? ... you're not a yak, right? YAKS ARE THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL.

Behold my true form...!
Nope everyones pretty different
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Hey Dan, I just want to see something in light of your description of your comicwork as "selfish, useless". It's not all that useless. I'm sure me and others find the comics valuable and hold them close to our hearts.

Thanks, man -- I appreciate that.


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