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So, are you starting Cupcake Universe again from scratch?

Yep, pretty much. It'll be cleaner this way. There were only 6 strips in the first place... better to burn it down and start fresh.

What is your favorite beverage? (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)

Alcoholic: can't go wrong with a Manhattan
Non-alcoholic: used to be coffee -- now it's black tea.

Who's Cupcake's friend she's whispering to? One of your other characters from a different comic I'm not recognizing?

Just a random person. She'll tell anyone and everyone about that loser who thinks he can get with her. Pfft ha ha haha wow WOW what a LOOSER can u belive it OMG
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Will cupcake ever grow up? How do magical girls work?

Some magical girls have their powers bestowed upon them for a time. They grow up and out of it.
Others are truly transformed. The know the way out. A few take it.
Others still are the manifestation of something powerful from a world beyond our own...
Some are pseudo-magical girls- not magical or girls at all, but match superficial appearances.
As for a cutest and best...
So long as there is attention in this world, Cupcake will be there to suck it up.

What does cupcake want to be when she grows up?

Cupcake doesn't like to think about the future. It makes her feel all uneasy inside like she ated 2 much on a bad caek. She takes life one selfie at a time.

Hold old will cupcake need to be to be legal? I kinda wanna start making her bake cakes as soon as possible.

Are you rich? Ivy league? Only the bestest for my a cutest!
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What's the greatest amount of money you've spent on a single game (including in-app purchases/microtransactions, if any)?

I'm sure I spent a least a couple hundred dollars on my old Magic: The Gathering collection. For vidya, probably that Catherine special edition with the heart boxers.

>become a mom. Well if YOU did it maybe, but how about someone else not addicted to cakeflesh? Way 2 b a respt Dan lik wow

Shh. Go to your room, Cupcake.

Ever gone to a convention to see a specific person (guest, artist, etc.)? If so, how did you conduct yourself around them?

I go to conventions to see readers. =w=
Drawing sketches and just talking is the best part. @exodisma kept me company all TCAF which was great. Interesting guy, 10/10 would hang out with again.
Oh, I saw @montiray at the same con, which was cool since she's REALLY ANIME. Exchanged Sayaka pics. @fromsmiling was also there (who is VERY INDIEGAMES and a gentle, spring-flower-like dude). Also seeing Miss Orange Dress again was nice.
Hrm. This is making me want to do cons again...

If you married Sakura, how the heck did you get her away from Tomoyo with your spleen intact?

NegativeSilence’s Profile PhotoArtemi
I didn't. That safeguard shirt? It covers up a spleen-shaped hole.
Also a hairy, disgusting beer gut.
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Does Snax keep Bikky entertained with Bwehd and circuses?

Nothing keeps Bikky occupied like her lap pillow and fuzzy tummy.

Are Vikky and Snax actually married? Will we ever get to see them in their bwehidal dresses?

NegativeSilence’s Profile PhotoArtemi
I'll do a chapter about it later. I don't want to say too much, though. ;w;

hi Dan I feel i really need to thank you ,clone manga helped me in bad times..i showed clonemanga to a friend and he started with nana....he said you are like the Nietzsche of webcomics so many different emotions and wtf moments xD..again thanks! YOU OFFICIALLY HAVE TWO FANS HERE IN GREECE

Well, I do have a pretty crazy moustache now...
But thanks! I'm glad the comics were useful to you. : >


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