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"I care about political correctness as much as I care about blasphemy -- I don't. " You some kinda heretic? You lookin' to get purged?

I care about political correctness as much as I care about blasphemy  I dont

Has anyone ever gotten mad at you for being politically incorrect

Sure, but I care about political correctness as much as I care about blasphemy -- I don't.

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Three maniacs break into your house and tie you up. They hold guns to Cupcake and Sakuras heads. They then tell you that they're going to kill one of them, but you have to decide which one. Which one do you let them kill?

"Stop! STOP IT!!"
It's a wrestle. Blows are thrown, a lamp shatters, but the gun is in my hands. I put it in Cupcake's mouth.
"Let me do it."
Free at last.

Dan, why do you never call. Dan, when are you coming home to visit. Are you brushing your teeth regularly? Dan, how is the marriage thing going? You're getting married soon right? I'm looking forward grandchildren to spoil Dan.

I'm sorry, mom!! I'm so sorry. Your granddaughter is an attentionwhore magical girl and also 2D I'm so sorry where did I go wrong
And my teeth are fine!
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Hey Dan, if himecuts are so good, why don't you have one? Why doesn't Cupcake?

Himecutes are a cutes but not a cake. A cake is a cutest and a best and not a himecute.
As for me -- my himecut is in my heart.

Many reasons Dan, many reasons. Cake > bat. Vampires are uncute, Templars are best. Blood-drinking monsters bring nothing but suffering to better girls. Oh and while I'm at it, short hair > himecut. Fite me.

I am going to find out who you are, hunt you down, scalp you in the middle of the night, take your scalp, raise it, adore it, grow it out into a 6 foot long himecut, and then return to turn you into that which you despise.

1.) Do you get a lot of cold calls (or emails, rather) asking for art advice, critiques, tutorials, etc? 2.) Does it flatter or annoy you?

I get a few mails now and then. I don't think I'm particularly qualified to say anything, though, so I try to point people to expert-created resources and give some general encouragement. I don't consider it flattering or annoying - I've been doing art stuff for quite a while and frankly I think I owe it to the community to give stuff back. I should start releasing more brushes and techniques, actually...

Why do you hurt cute girls Dan? Why do you love the awful fuzzy leech and her heretic bitch so much?

Why you hatin on my bwehby dawg why cmon

bwehsider the surface S given bweh the equations {z^2 - yz + zw = 1, xw^2 + x^3 + zw = 1}. Parametribweh the equations and find the Flux, Curl, and Div of S. You should bweh able to solve this, bweh~

PLEASE DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK BWEH Also I only took up to calc II. I often think I should go back and learn this stuff -- but man, I'm not working in the field any more and I have these comics to do, and other books to read... man, there's just not enough time. NOT ENOUGH TIME TO DO IT ALL

bikky goes for a run each bwehrning. When she leaves bwehpire for her run (stupid!), bikky goes out the front or the back door, and likebweh returns through either door. bikky owns five capes and takes off her cape at the door. If no cape, bikky runs with no cape. Find bwehP(x): bikky no cape

Ehhh~ I'm not sure I understood your question correctly. You can see my assumptions in the doodle though. I assumed it was on any given day, not as a long run thing among other things.
bikky goes for a run each bwehrning When she leaves bwehpire for her run stupid

Draw a triangle with three right angles Dan. You should be able to solve this (bweh).

Draw it on a sphere. I only remember this because of that one hypothetical experiment where you draw an enormous triangle to check the curvature of the universe. I always thought that was cool.

Any idea how long Vampire Bride is ultimately going to run? Also, would you consider doing print editions when it's wrapped up?

It's not drawn at print size, unfortunately. The page length is also too irregular for print. It could go for another 5-7 chapters. I've been thinking about doing an original side-story print comic, though, that explores the back story... like how she got those a cutest batsocks and Vicky's time together with Annis when they were younger, Vicky's first encounter with Enna... ... there's a lot of stuff to explore.

Do you warm up before you draw?

Not really - I get up and run to my desk right away. After an hour, maybe I'll have breakfast/brunch, then back to working.


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