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I've been looking into sending some portfolios out to some local studios. Pretty much all of them have some sort of bachelors requirement. I can't afford getting that kind of education (I have some, but not on that level). Am I screwed right out of the gate?

What kind of studio? Game studios? What department? Art? If so, just show up with your portfolio -- if it's good enough, a degree may not be a deal breaker. Show up at the door if necessary and state your case. What do you have to lose?

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If you miss classic T42R, why not bring it back?

I'm just not that guy anymore - it'd be a mistake to try and retread old ground. T42R was always a strip that grew with me. I intend to keep it that way.

What if there were himecut aliens? Alien symbiotes that live on girls' heads and provide them with the style and elegance of a himecut.

Sign me up!

Ever thought about cashing in on Clone Manga fame and stealing a big pile of money from kickstarter?

I already did! People were very generous.
I will probably Kickstart the Mother||Child game or On the Subject of Witches - depends which one gets presentable first.

Can you draw a kawaii bishie? This isn't a request, I am curious if this is something you are physically capable of.

Sure, I've drawn husbandos in request threads before.

Dan one of my friends is feeling really down how can I stop that

I'm the wrong person to ask. Do the sort of thing for them that only a true friend would do? Even rock bottom is survivable so long as you have good company. Be that good company. The details are up to you.

Vampire bat plushies for sale when? I need cute plushies Dan. This is important.

As soon as I can source custom tiny bat socks.

So I've been drawing for a while and I feel I have a decent grasp of anatomy but I struggle with complex poses. Any advice?

Draw extreme angles and poses (from the toe, very high angles, upside down bodies, acrobatic twirls, etc.) with highly simplified anatomy. Anatomy should be as simple or even simpler than the attached image. Slowly dial back the extreme angles once you get used to it.
So Ive been drawing for a while and I feel I have a decent grasp of anatomy but

What's the metallic thing hanging over your drawing tablet?

Oh -- that's actually under the glass, not over it. It's the adjustable arm that connects the glass surface to the rest of the drafting table.

So, at tomoyo room you suggest cupcake like boys, is this correct or you're mssing with me?

She only likes their attention and presents. Otherwise they are apressed2 her and not a respekts on her a caek yuk nekberds gross

One of your comics is being animated. Which one is it, what studio, who's the director and who voices the MC?

Vampire Bride! Animated is outsourced to some bottom-rung Chinese studio, directed by some no-name, and Vicky is voiced by whoever can pull off a good tomboy battle cry and "fuzzy tummy~! hmm hmm~! <3".

Generic question, but what's your favorite of your works?

It changes from time to time, but right now... Tomoyo42. it's the most real and unfiltered.


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