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What is/was your favourite subject to learwho am I kidding it's art isn't it dan

Actually, I hated art in school!
And I still really dislike the 'art student type' -- caricature follows: emotional, superficially rebellious yet deeply dogmatic, oversocialized, envious, solipsistic, loves to posture, status-seeking, attention-seeking, drama magnet, the kind that drops names instead of raising ideas, takes everything as a personal attack, has to 'win' every encounter, practices a parochial and actually really nasty kind of 'empathy' that picks sides instead of a exercising a general sense of charity, lawyers the facts for points instead of engaging in open-ended searches for truth, unpredictable and uneven in temperament, immoderate and spontaneous, etc.
Well, all that said, we occasionally get great things which can only be created by such people (seems like a package deal) so ya just gotta deal with it. I'm sure that those that overlap with the caricature above would find me repulsive as well. Can't get along with everyone!
Anyway. I liked math and philosophy in school... but look where I am today!
Life is funny, isn't it?

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What's the nerdiest thing you've passed up a social occasion to do?

Okay, real story -- I was working in Toronto doing some online trivia game thing and the company was branching out to do some hosted bar trivia services. As part of the "research" for the branding we were to go to various bars and have a good time as a company. I went, checked out the setting, then sat at the bar with everyone else. I thought I was faking having a good time pretty well, but the CEO leaned over and said "You know Dan, you don't have to be here - no one's forcing you." ... I got up immediately and left to go home and work on comics (at the time I was at page 200-something on Paper Eleven). Later on when I quit the guy told me I was literally the most introverted person he's ever met -- actually, I'm not surprised. Later on I realized that while everyone was trying to have a good time I was just writing down my notes and then working on the comics with me little paper pad.
Nothing much has changed except that I can fake the moves a bit better. You develop little strategies - get people talking about themselves, bounce some jokes, then wait out the clock. It's not like I'm not interested in what other people think and do -- I am -- but I just don't enjoy 'hanging out'. I used to suspect everyone else felt more or less the same way and were just better fakers, but it seems many people really do enjoy just being together with others with no particular end or activity in mind. It drains the life outta me, though. I just do not enjoy it,

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Does Akari Dan daisuki?

This is the worst japanese I've ever heard please don't do a baka thing on my shitsumon efuemmu desu wa also yes Akari a cute

Given your interest in vampires, did you ever watch Hellsing? It's ridiculous and edgy as anything but really fun for what it is.

I saw a few random episodes back when it was airing, but I wasn't so into it. I liked some of the designs...

How do you feel about CLAMP aside from them creating your waifu? Do you like their other series?

Hm... I liked the X OVA, Angelic Layer, and Chobits back in the day. Not too huge of a fan otherwise.

A bunch of comics that aren't on the site are in the contents section of Doll and maker. Do those exist, and if so will we ever see them?

Nope - they don't exist. I may one day return to those ideas and rework the scripts, but I wouldn't hold my breath! Right now Vampire Bride, Cupcake, and Subject of Witches have higher priority.

Can there be an extra mode in Mother Child where we get to play as you instead of the mother? Then we'd really get to see how great of a dad you'd make!

Sure, a quick text replace -- [Press A to Carry Daughter] to [Press A to Grab Butt] -- will do the job.

If your life could have one aspect of cartoon physics (bombs/guns just blacken you, you can run off cliffs as long as you don't look down, you sweat in enormous single drops, etc.), which one would you want?

Ability to trip and fall like a harem protag.
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Is there a way to not see the favorite answers of people you follow?

I don't see anything in the settings about it. : /

Hey Dan, how do you sit in your chair? I got a new one recently that lets me sit cross-legged and it's really comfy and warm for my feet, would recommend if you haven't tried it and can do.

Oh man. Make/model? I'm in the market for a new chair - this one is literally falling apart and flaking to pieces. I usually have my right left bent under my left, which hangs off the edge.

If something happens, do you have something set up to release the unfinished plotlines of your comics?

Nope. I'm feeling good these days though, so you can call off the suicide watch, bweh heh heh =w=

Paper Eleven is about trying to break away from being a part of someone or something else's whole. Have I got it all wrong or am I more or less right?

Yeah, it's an expression of that kind of anxiety along with a lot of others -- that there's something sick inside, that you're chasing after phantoms and a phantom yourself, that any story you tell yourself is not to be trusted, that we're just wandering totally naked in the dark and all patterns are only apparent, illusory, misleading, ultimately meaningless, etc. and that we're ultimately alone and doomed to die ... that sorta thing. Lots of teenage angst and some young adult angst. Some of the threads carried over into NNN.


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