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Dan Vicky has two totally normal eyes in that picture, is this a hint that when she gets her blood sucked it purifies the evil eye and that's why she's so down that a cutest and a bat won't do it? Have I cracked the code? Have I understood the system? Perceived the mysteries? Discovered the truth?

No metagaming!!
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Do you ever worry that after all the silly Cutest and Bat stuff people won't be able to take Vampire Bride seriously once shit hits the fan?

The turn probably isn't what you have in mind - it's quite compatible with a cutest and bat, I think. Anyway, we'll see!

Hi Dan, i was wondering how you would go about making a Spritesheet for your game?

I'm not ready to make art assets yet, so I can't really say! I'm focusing on gameplay first!

How would you react if a complete stranger came up to you in the street and started gushing about how much they love your work?

That has actually happened a couple times! Even while I was at work!
I try to ask them about what they're working on and get a little conversation going. It's pretty interesting to see what kind of people read your stuff. Actually, a lot of the folks I tend to meet read Tomoyo42's room in middle school or Nana in highschool... corrupting the youth! Feels good, man!

Do you take anti-depressants? From some of your comics, I get the impression that you suffer from some depression or anxiety disorder.

Nope, no pills. I'm fine - just a bit anti-social.

Would the focus be on silly romcom dramu adventures or vampire hunting? This matters

Highschool clubroom love-comedy. Yankee vampire hunter Annis transfers in from her all-girls catholic school to follow her childhood friend but ends up distracted by a tall cool guy in the literature club... he´s kind of a jerk, but the way he´s passionate about books is so cool... but when she joins it turns out he´s a huge neckbeard weirdo who reads mecha manga!! but he brings books to poor kids and never apologizes for his hobbies and has a bit of a dark side and HUH WH-what’s this feeling?!?!

Annis sounds like a cutie, when does SHE get a storyline/comic of her own?

Gotcha covered. Keep an eye out for "There's No Way my Tall Neckbeard Husband Can Be This Cool - Also I am a Vampire Hunter Magical Girl Please Send Help"

What about Annis though?

She'd crush ribs, asplode heads, and feed the flames of eternal neckbeard souls to her dog until she sees a skinny, tall, slightly bookish lookin' straight-arrow guy in the mob... ... That's what a man's supposed to look like, right? It's the first time she's seen one up close. Huh...? She has to tilt her head up to look at his face...? She'd kinda drift off for a second, slap her cheeks, then get back to stomping and asploding... gotta stomp and aslplode... y-yeah

Do you ever worry about peaking as an artist?

Look, the first bite of cake is the best tasting piece, but I am not stopping at the first bite of cake. I am eating the whole fucking thing -- the five layers of frosting, the cherry on top, the burnt-out, tooth-shattering crushed-almond bottom -- EVERYTHING.
That's how I feel about art. I'm in it for the whole ride and I'm not leaving until I'm leaving on a fucking stretcher.

Does Bikky ever brush a cutest and a bat with a toothbrush?

I know the image you're talking about. I am going to dedicate a whole chapter to Bikky and A Cutest and Bat's grooming each other. Fuzzy Bat Blowdry!
Does Bikky ever brush a cutest and a bat with a toothbrush

Who is the cutest? Eleanor? Or Heather?

I think The Crunchinator has the cuter design... but I'm biased in favour of himecuts and himecut derivatives.

Dan, why do you like lesbians? You know, two girls together is the same as two girls i can't have a relashionship with!

You know, honestly, I've never really thought of Vicky and A Cutest and Bat as 'lesbians' or thought of myself as catering to that crowd. Hrm. I mean, obviously they fit the definition but it's not really an important part of who they are -- probably less important than their hair colour. They're really only the way they are because I want to draw cute girls.
So yeah, I don't feel one way or the other about fictional lesbians, but I have strong feelings about drawing cute girls doing cute things.

How would you redesign Hitman: Blood Money to make it more feminist?

I wouldn't. Instead I'd kickstart a video attacking the sexism in my own game under a false name and then use those funds to fund the sequel.
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