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what kind of tablet do you use for drawing? what do you like about it?

Wacom Cintiq Companion - It's great! Tilt sensitivity, totally stand-alone, all the extras you need, great build quality, huge productivity booster and it made drawing a joy again. Downsides: pen is not accurate at the extreme edge of the screen, slight gap between screen drawing surface and display surface, expensive, a little on the heavy side, a little pen lag, speakers are garbage.
For me, it was worth it for the joy factor. I spend ALL DAY drawing, so I want the best experience I can get - at the drawing table, on the couch, in bed, on a train, etc.

Wait a minute... for some reason I can't remember ever hearing the bat-bride's name. Is that something to be revealed later or am I just incredibly blind?

There's a reason for it!
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Dan. Help. I have no idea what's going on in Vampire Bride. It's awesome and I love it but there's no background, or not enough so far, to really make sense of what's going on in the comic.

That's okay, just enjoy the cute times for now! We're heading into a flashback and background arc next!

So it looks like Vicky's scarf is used to hide the multitude of bite marks from her bat bae. Was that given to her, or is it simply a memento from her more active days?

Joseph Drouin
Vicky's scarf: her life energy is bound up in it and (mostly) protected. It's something she got from the Templar Guardianship - an extraordinary boon for the progenitor vampire hunt. We know how that turned out, though... Killed in Action!
Enna has reinforced, modified and repaired the scarf several times since those days, but since it was originally woven by another witch the primary fibres can't be altered, repaired, or replaced - not without wiping out Vicky's very existence or inflicting mind-breaking pain on her. Actually, Vicky's visits with Enna used to be quite traumatic (she's still a little on edge every time they meet) but these days Enna doesn't go beyond ticklish little touch ups - Vicky is too fragile now and extensions aren't worth the price.
Vicky wouldn't have lasted two waifu snack times without that scarf. It's a good scarf.

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Ever considered doing print editions of your stuff apart from NNN? I'd buy approximately 500 copies of a collected T42R book.

Unfortunately they were never drawn at print resolution. : /

Why you gotta be so based all the time, sempai? Is that secretly your actual job?

Stop buttering me up! H-hazukashii

Karen gave me very slight Gunslinger Girl vibes. Any direct influence?

Hm, not a direct one, but this was around the the time I had wrapped up Nana (which had Gunsliger Girl characters in it) so an indirect influence, sure. I think Injured Girl Moe has always been a thing for me, though -- I loved bandaged Ayanami when I was in 7th grade and I love burnt-out, used-up Vicky now.

How does it feel to be this terrible corner of the internet's go to guy to make stupid bat, butt and cake jokes at?

bweh =w=

What kind of sword does Vicky use? I was thinking of trying to cosplay her in Dark Souls.

It's a living demon sword! It was driven deep into her body and failed to return to its world when she killed its previous master. It's a powerful weapon and one of the few non-consumable weapons out there that can permanently kill progenitor vampires (the usual weapon of choice for progenitor-hunting is a silver bullet containing a single molecule of iron from the last remaining nail of the True Cross). Unfortunately, the sword has a degenerative, corrupting effect. It also gets stronger and swifter every time it takes a life ... ... sometimes when she uses it it feels like her hand is moving on its own...
If a time comes when she can on longer fight, she'll take the blade to Enna and have it destroyed. It's too powerful and too unnatural - she'll be its last master.
Try the black knight greatsword or the dark sword! : D

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If they made action figures of your characters, what gimmicks (karate chop action, spring-loaded missiles, bad smell, etc.) would the figures have?

maullarmaullar’s Profile PhotoTwitter NEET Symphony
- Poseable Cupcake with swappable duckfaces and a phone with a real flash.
- Life-size Fuzzy Bat Waifu pillow with cast-off socks. Says 'bweh' wihen you squeeze her.
- Dress Up Bikky with tracksuit, templar armor, glasses, and battle-damage arm, and brushable hair.
- Lewd Bat Waifu figurine with cast-off PJs. Comes with tv set/game console display stand.
- Enna's Daughters trading figurine set: bird and humanoid form. Lots of kukuku-face and a rare =3= Cupcake imitation face.
- Comfy Enna Blanket .. it's a thick winter blanket. Comfy as fuck.

If someone offered you thirty million a year to spend four hours a day drawing things they want but you find bland. Would you do it?

Sure, but only for one year, tops. Maybe even just a month. Beyond a certain amount money can't buy you more time, and time is all I want or need.

Dan-tan, Dan-tan, can you draw me a 4-koma for this song? O woe is me, o woe is me I used to have a hamster tree but it was eaten by a newt and now I have no cuddly fruit.

Ehh~ not really interested. I don't like taking comic requests like this.

What does it look like when you take Cupcakes a cutest away? I'm picturing it like removing the sparkle and shiny filter from kitschy Boys Love anime, leaving the leftovers abnormally plain.

The negative space of a magical girl. A 'hole' of 'un-being' and 'cannot be' and 'not a caek ok its NOt a cutest'.
No one has seen it and survived.
What does it look like when you take Cupcakes a cutest away Im picturing it like


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