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Dan my feet are freezing but I'm already wearing two pairs of thick socks, what do I dooooo

Take those socks off your dick and put 'em on your feet dawg you need an instruction manual damn

Have you played any of the 2spooky RPG Maker stuff, like Ib or Mogeko Castle?

Nope! I probably should, but I'm spending too much time drawing and tweeting these days...

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Out of all the MGNQ writefags/drawfags, which ones do you talk to on a daily basis? How close have you gotten with them?

None, I guess? ;w;
I'm an offboarder!
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>we've been good friends since YOU SAID YOU HAD NO FRIENDS!!! Why do you lie to me, sempai?!?!?!

Hm! Well, I guess I have friends...? Or one friend anyway?
Honestly I'm not so good at anything in this area-- I don't know what to think. We have scotch together and eat out now and then. I guess that's a friend?

What, in your opinion and experience, makes for "good" art?

TwiceBornQM’s Profile PhotoTwiceBorn
Well, the obvious dodge is to say that there's just no such thing as 'good' in general -- we always have to say 'good FOR WHAT'. Give the criteria for what you want, then just judge whether it meets that criteria or not.
It seems like a reasonable, modest view, but there is a serious problem -- it makes art the slave of other purposes. The value of art flows entirely from its ability to provide utility in other domains of human life. It makes art just one more tool among other tools, to be used or thrown away, judged good or bad, the way you'd judge a good or bad nail on a construction site. It opens the the door to using art as a bludgeon to instil political views, to witch hunts, to flattening out the entire artistic landscape and holding the most crass unfeeling value extraction devices (pick your least favourite summer blockbuster) and the most ham-fisted social engineering pieces on par with the most private, personal, free, never-to-be-seen closet poetry.
To me, that's just degeneracy. And I say that totally without irony. If, by "Art", we're talking about the concrete manifestation of a spiritual legacy -- the sort of thing that strikes cynicism out of the soul and makes you, if only for a moment, the receiver and prophet of a world yet unimagined -- then flimsy answers like "good art is ... whatever works for you" just won't cut it.
There's too much to say for ask.fm, but here's what I think: Neither master nor slave, free and unindividuated, both pointless and prophecy in a domain of maximum freedom -- for me, that's what art is.

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What's the nicest thing you've done for a stranger?

Guy down the hall had a home invasion, ran out to help the guy and phoned the police. Shit was real - they had ropes and knives and masks. Things turned out okay though and we've been good friends since! The dude is a super great guy -- when his garment business went under he broke the law to send his leftover inventory to domestic violence shelters instead of handing 'em over to slimy (mob-connected?) collectors. A strong sense of justice and balance. It's nice to have a drinking buddy like that.

Hey Dan, how do you restrain a disobedient magical girl? I'm trying to discipline mine and she keeps shooting rainbows and shit at me.

Deny her attention, deny her cake, take away her phone, take away her costume, and finally take her a cutestness and send her to live among the normals. DO NOT BELIEVE HER TEARS. NEVER BELIEVE A MAGICAL GIRL'S TEARS.
When she can't get by on her a cutest maybe she'll stop being such a shit.

Do you prefer sandwiches (including burgers, croque-monsieur, that KFC Double Down thing, etc.) or wraps (including burritos, gyros, spring rolls, roulade, etc.)?

Sandwiches. I don't mind a good hot, crispy spring roll with fish sauce, but I absolutely love burgers. I could eat a burger every day -- nicely charred medium rare beef with salt and pepper, caramelized onions, fried mushrooms, a little bacon, cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, Dijon mustard, ketchup, nicely toasted buns with a side of crisp fries with malt vinegar and a good beer... mmmm...


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