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Your characters find a Comiket table pass hidden inside the packaging of a chocolate bar. What do they sell?

Cupcake: lots of selfies, but ugh gros u CANTA NECKBERD & BUYIT ok just leve a $ and acaek &pls go gross jus go ew
Bikky: stuck with the other Templars outside the convention hall holding "ANIME = DEGENERACY" signs -- secretly buys lewd Darkstalkers and Umineko doujins between shifts
A cutest and bat: handmade strategy guides, will trade rare games for rare games, badly drawn fancomics, various suspicious-looking charms Bikky left with her before the show (supposedly good for digestion, cramps, etc.)

Hey Dan, thanks for all the advice, video and book reccomendations for drawing stuff! I wanted to ask, would you know of any such resources regarding character designs?

No prob! : > Not too sure about character design books, though. For that you're on your own... let me know if you find anything good!

Let's say you somehow wind up with an ass ton of money, no strings attached. How do you imagine yourself spending it?

Hm. Probably get a horse for my sister, like she always wanted. Maybe travel a little? Mostly it'd just give me time and resources to make more comics and maybe games. Hmm... I could hire a maid to come in and clean the place every now and then too. Oh yeah, I'd also buy out Kyoani and have them make shitty Cupcake anime specials, enjoy!

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hey! I hate cupcakes, layer cakes/slices only! cupcakes have a shitty ratio of frosting to cake!

Blocked, reported, sent to the FBI.
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Which would you prefer: Your work is universally reviled by critics but makes you millions of dollars, OR your work is hailed as a masterpiece but you don't make any money and ultimately die young and half-crazed with lice?

I'll take the first. I'll take the honest valuation of an anonymous audience over the snooty posturing of a critic with a name and reputation to advance any and every day of the week, thanks.

Jump rope should be good too, but as long as it gets your blood pumping anything is good! (Except for weight lifting which I hear makes things worse). And yeah, that's pretty much everything you can do to help prevent it. It'll be fine, though, we're all gonna make it!

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Thanks, Decu! Ah, sorry for flaking out on the idol cards, btw. I'm sure I'll return to it at some point, just kinda need to refocus at the moment. ;w;

Light jogging or aerobic exercise every other day, then, it helps!

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Thanks, Decu! Yeah, I'm doing some exercise... maybe I'll add jump rope? I'm adding more fruits and vegetables to my diet these days, too and I cut out the coffee and alcohol. =w=

That sucks ;_; please be okay Dan

It's np! As long as I get Subject of Witches done I'll be fine with whatever happens next. I gotta stop screwing around with MGNQ and finish up Vampire Bride quickly though...

What would you do if you couldn't ~draw every day~?

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Maybe write? But if I went blind or something I'd really have to think hard about whether it'd be worth going on. Actually, I have some eye problems and one of the reasons I quit working early is that I want to get these comics out before anything really bad happens.

After planes (Strike Witches), rifles (Upotte), tanks (Girls und Panzer), and ships (KanColle), what piece of military hardware will get moe-ified next?

Giant robot killing machine with the heart of little girls. TSUMUGI IS LOVE
Also, I'm hoping the monster girl trend continues. Please note that Tsumugi is both a giant robot and a monster girl. Nihei is a genius.

If Cupcake could have anything in the world what would it be and why?

More attention, more presents, more fans, more repsect onher a caek ok because she deserves it.

What would your characters think if they saw your Internet history?

Cupcake: not surprised, but now locks her door at night.
Vicky: Quietly deletes everything, confiscates the computer and sends it to a needy school. Gives pitying looks from across the room. Uncomfortable.
Sakura: "How did you get these pics?"

You know Cupcake, if your butt didn't call all the boys to the yard, you might not be as popular with Dan.

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ok Y R u do a look onmy bum ok its not rite ushud no it ok ima caek AT MY FACE PLS&b a repekt on cake
You know Cupcake if your butt didnt call all the boys to the yard you might not

Do I have to call the cops on you Dan? It's not right to have an illicit relationship with your cupcake daughter. You can't be drawing her all the time. It's not right.

hi its cupcaek pls do a call RITE NPW i haet it pls help!!!

What music does Dan listen to? Is it all anime weeb nerd tunes?

Game and weeb tunes, some classical stuff, some 90s tunes from when I was teenager.

Do you have any absolute deal-breakers when it comes to romantic prospects? (E.g. Racist, owns 20 cats, actually a Terminator, etc...)

Beggars can't be choosers! Actually, reflecting on this question really makes it clear to me that I just need to be left alone to do my own thing. Even having someone in the same room for too long rubs me the wrong way. I'm sure I'll pay for this attitude later, though, when I'm 70 looking oblivion in the face while my siblings and cousins are playing with grandkids.


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