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I think inside you are full of fluffy kittens and double rainbows and you probably just need a hug.

thanks, mom.

Of the five main Madoka girls, which one would you like to be your... * Wife? * Mistress? * Wacky neighbor? * Maid? * Pet?

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Mado waifu so Cupcake can have a mom. the rest aren't so important.

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Would you buy a cellphone if i sent you a cake message? :3

I'm starting to think I should get one just for testing purposes. And maybe Cupcake butt-touching game development purposes.

Who sent the last text message you received?

I... I've never received a text message! I don't have a cellphone.

Oh loveliest of Dans, I've gotten used to using my shoulder to draw, but only when I draw on paper. Somehow I can't do it on a tablet. The lines never go where I want them to go. Please advise.

Yeah, it's a real pain, isn't it? Drawing on a tablet is quite different from drawing on paper, but it's not impossible to overcome. Also, odds are that the relative angle and position between your drawing arm and the tablet is different than from what you're used to when drawing on paper. Practice more on the tablet and for god's sake find a consistent and reproducable position for you device so you can train yourself properly.

Dan whores himself for attention and money on the Internet and fattens himself on cupcakes, does that mean he'll become a magical girl?

Who says I'm not one already?
Dan whores himself for attention and money on the Internet and fattens himself

Do you like getting dressed up for a nice evening? Or do you prefer slumming it in plainclothes?

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I spend all day in my boxers (summer) or PJs (winter). I don't go out. I do have one nice suit for occasions, though! I even got nice cuff links for it and everything!
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Hey Dan, what kind of vampire fiction have you read/watched before?

Eh, the usual suspects -- read Dracula as a kid, watched the movie version, Interview with the Vampire, the new Vampire Hunter D movie, Blood: The Last Vampire, Vampire Princess Miyu, bits of Hellsing... also moe stuff like Karin (manga), Blood Alone, Tsukuyomi Moon Phase, etc.
I never did find one about the day to day life of a fallen vampire hunter & cute vampire waifu with occasional grimdark flashbacks... so, gotta make my own meal, I guess. : /

dos da qt batt have qt batt frienz to hang arun & bweh?

Oops, didn't answer this part. Non-crazy vampires are few and far between! qt bat waifu hasn't met one of her own kind yet.

dos da qt batt have qt batt frienz to hang arun & bweh? also panzerotti r gud okay?!

I love Pizza Pockets. Haven't had one in years, though, since I live right across from a good pizzeria.

Do you exercise much? You on the record as being a fat NEET, but you seem to have an appreciation of the idea of keeping fit in theory. Do you even lift, bro?

Due to some eye issues I shouldn't do anything that causes sudden blood pressure changes so I just do slow, steady bodyweight exercises. I should really be doing cardio instead, though, it'd be better for me.


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