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So, you worked your entire working life with art? That's super cool!

It's been a fun ride so far. I'll regret it at 35 when I've starved to death in an empty house.

I love how you're gradually becoming some kind of internet art instructor. Makes me want to try my hand at drawing c:

Well, all I can do is point to the standard books and throw around muh opinions, ha ha. =w=

Snax plush with socks when?

When I make the Cupcake doll for the Cupcake World Tour I’ll make a cutest and bat, too. =w=

With the early drills from Fun with a Pencil, should I do them over and over until I get really good at them (I suck at the moment) or do a fair amount, and then move on to the next set of drills, no matter how good or bad they all end up looking?

Try everything first to get a general view of the landscape, pick a point of interest, then drill in that area. Try to think of it as building a city that grows over time. You don't just build New York all at once, putting in all the foundations to every house, then all the bathtubs, all the doorknobs. You can't just build a skyscraper in isolation, either. You gotta have a small functioning village with skeletal services and then expand in piecemeal fashion, always having a functional city at each stage.
So try and work on your drawing the same way -- build a rough skillset to get your legs, get a view of the land, then focus in on a specific area, then zoom back out and see what's changed, then go back in again. In practical terms this means something like draw a scene or figure without reference (skill test) --> then work on just gestures, solidity, or maybe faces, hands, perspective, etc. Anyway, you'll get a feel for it as you go on.

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Hey, Dan, do you know Magic: The Gathering? If so, what's your favourite artist for it? Favourite colour? If not, get on it you scrub it's way fun

I quit the habit around Ice Age! I lost the taste for it and got more into video games instead. I always enjoyed themed decks ... my usual was black vampire rush + blue control/poke. Lots of dark rituals, vampires, terrors, prodigal sorcerers, counterspells, etc.

>Vicky is bored and lonely, though... Man, she really enjoys on the whole 'being blood drained' thing, then?

NegativeSilence’s Profile PhotoArtemi
W-what are you implying?!

How's Mother Child (I've got no clue how to type it properly) going? When can we expect to see anything from it?

Very slowly, since I'm concentrating on Vampire Bride, Cupcake, and On the Subject of Witches. Only so many hours in a day! I wouldn't expect to see anything until 2015.

Have you ever worked with something other than drawing?

Well, I did a bit of straight-up writing (for NNN) if you're restricting the question to narrative fiction. If you mean art stuff in general, I play a little piano (badly) and I'm trying to do a little work on a game on the side (I did that professionally for a few years).

Have you found any grey hairs yet? How old were you when you got them?

They've really been popping in this last year or so! About 5% white - wouldn't be surprised if I hit 10-20% in the next few years.

Dan, what if I'm a narcissist and my waifu is a cute 2d little girl version of myself, would you draw my waifu?

Gross. Maybe.

If you could take one figurine, toy, etc. that you own and blow it up to 1:1 scale--which would it be?

Madokami. Happiness is watching Madokami's modest chest blot out the sun and stars!!

Oh man, Kiseki no Umi! I had completely forgotten about that one! One of the best OPs ever. Also really liked Rah-Xephon OP. Didja get a chance to watch that too?

IAmZio’s Profile PhotoHat-chan
I remember dropping it way back when. I love the song, though!

I must know which is the saddest cupcake in the world. I found one which was weeping for it's adorable waifu after a second season was delayed indefinitely - has Cupcake-chan ever been sadder than that?

Cupcake gets a ppl who do a h8 on her a cutest and SOvJELLY &do a meen trol on a caek.
Really, she has suffered more than anyone.


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