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The good news is, MGNQ is getting an anime adaptation. The bad news is, 4Kids is localizing it. What changes? Is the show successful?

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Midorin's entire body is censored for lewdness, all occurrences of 'dildo' replaced with 'doorknob', Kong replaced with Sunny D. The wildly unpopular Magical Girls Night Missions is cancelled after three episodes but for some reason Wendy gets her own Super American spinoff. There are Murder Meal toys with Bitter Cursing Wendy, Icy Stare Wendy, Broken Heart Wendy, and a rare cast-off Wendy that reveals her hidden flatness.

Decu over lifted and you've been put in charge of MGNQ for some reason until he recovers! What's the first thing you do now that you're in control?

Welcome to Sayakar Downhill Speed Quest.

Several page designs ago Clone Manga used to have a table of contents in its comics, which was useful to navigate comics like T42R which consist of largely unrelated arcs. Any chance that might come back?

Hm! Sure, I'll add a chapter select pulldown menu in addition to strip numbers. It'll take a little while but I'll get it done.

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What do you think happens to those people who don't manage to socialise and fail to fit in anywhere both on-line and off-line? Where do they go? Do they go crazy or something. They definitely exist so they have to be somewhere, right? (apparently ask.fm didn't like the last version)

I think you see 'em every day. They are probably going to work, playing games, doing the same things as the rest of us -- only they go back to a dark, empty house at night and are beset, from time to time, with the uneasy feeling that they are living a sort of prolonged entombment. What's the end result? I have no idea. It's probably even more boring than we think.

What's going in in vampire princess right now? Is the princess not able to turn back into a human body, because she won't suck Vicky's blood?

Yeah, she's trying to hold off and fill up on water. Vicky is bored and lonely, though... and it's only been a couple hours! Templar and bat waifu problems. =w=

What are your policies regarding commissioned art?

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Generally, I just don't do it. No interest. Waifus are different though, since they're done during streams and kept for personal purposes. Uhue hue hue.

So you can honestly say, there is NO PRICE on your waifu?

Sh-shit! Stop it! Are you some kind of demon...!!
So you can honestly say there is NO PRICE on your waifu

Since money talks, will we be able to pay enough money to ntr your waifu? (theoretically)

How dare you insult the purity of MAI WAIFU
Since money talks will we be able to pay enough money to ntr your waifu

Dan Kim protection services? So will that be a bidding war to see who gets the priority to ask you to mess a waifu up or protect them?

Dan Kim protection services So will that be a bidding war to see who gets the
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Dan is there anyway I can pay you to draw my Waifu?

YES! This will be a Patreon sub service. Guaranteed Waifu Deliveries! And if you don't pay, well, maybe you'll still get your waifu delivered ... but a little at a time... first an ear... then a finger... then we'll bring out the doge gangbangs... don't you love your waifu, anon? You can stop this. ONLY YOU CAN STOP THIS. Only $x a month!! Limited spaces!!

Have you ever been criticized for receiving praise or acclaim that the critic felt was undeserved?

We all probably give and get praise too easily anyway.

A while ago you made some interesting comments about prescriptive vs. descriptive art. Mind going into that a bit here?

Well, tl;dr verion:
When we see a certain play being made in a game of baseball, so long as we're all in agreement about the rules of the game and our various goals during play (that we're playing to win, that we play according to the rules, we're not throwing the game for cash, etc.), we can easily pass judgement on whether the play was a good one or not. When either goals or rules are in question, judgements have to be suspended until we're clear again on rules and goals. (For example, someone says "OUT!" and a players says "What? We're playing basketball", "rule set A or rule set B?", "I thought rule set A was this, not that - you can't use a ball like that", "That's not a ball, THIS is a ball", and so on down the rabbit hole until you build up agreement again...)
Now that's fine for an explicit game like baseball, but out in the world of implicit games -- the world of natural language and thought -- we have a problem: judgements can't be suspended until until we're clear on the rules and goals. Rather, any time we make a move at all, we're kicking up a cloud of judgements, rules and goals, all mixed up together. Any time we say "that's a blue square", we're not scraping conceptual content off the world and making raw empirical observations -- the sort of thing we'd expect to get universal agreement about -- instead we're making an appeal to others to play along in a game where 'blue' and 'square' are moves that behave in useful ways. And by the way, just to complicate matters, other are simultaneously making such appeals, perhaps hoping for other games and behaviours.
In short, when we say "that's blue" we're doing a lot of things at once:
a) saying that this usage of "blue" OUGHT to be the correct one
b) that we're carrying on as if this IS the correct usage
c) that the domain(s) under which that usage IS correct OUGHT to be ones in use
d) that we're carrying on as if the domain(s) under which that usage IS correct is/are the ones in use
Of course, there's such a thing as getting "blue" wrong, and if the goals and/or meanings are far enough apart or truly incompatible, you may never get agreement. (e.g. someone says it was a 'blue' Monday and this is the first time the word's been used that way... is this incorrect use? Depends on what your goals are and the other meanings in play -- if you're measuring colours with a scientific instrument, saying this is weird is useless... if you're writing a novel, this might be brilliant and instantly become the right way to describe THAT kind of Monday. But you'll be hard pressed to get a unified meaning of blue that works for ALL goals, future and present).
Anyway, the point is that the art that I'M interested in is the kind where the goals and rules are explicitly up for grabs. I think art of this kind (or perhaps taking this stance toward art) allows us to wave off snooty critics and political fist-shakers and returns art safely to a community of individual imaginations.

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If you could have two franchises/properties/companies combine to make a VS or X fighting game, what would you pick, and what are some sample matchups? For example: Darkstalkers VS Skullgirls, Capcom VS Squeenix, Sunrise VS Gainax, Robotech X Macross, Takahashi VS Toriyama

Can I just have my magical girl super-brawler? Sakura vs Nanoha vs Preptime Homu vs Outer Senshi, etc.


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