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Ok, Dan, srs rll pers'nal qstin tyme. Whats the best flavor of cake? And "Cutest and a Best" is a qualifier, not a flavor ;)

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Cupcake's personal flavour, of course! Which is a cutest and best.

Do you still feel like having a relationship, Dan?

Nah. Even if everything else where in place, there are just too many costs and not enough benefits. Actually, I consider myself lucky -- I have something I'm crazy about that fills my days and I live in relative peace and comfort. Now with this one last thing out the window I can focus on comics even more seriously.
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What if you find someone who also cares more about cartoon butts than you?

How could I drag such a cake and a cutest into my selfish life? No. Nope. Never.
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MGNQ is repurposed as a Police Squad-style comedy. What changes?

Sayakar is canon, Kyouko eats donuts, QB has a moustache, Midorin is leggier and a secretary, Chiaki drops her badge and spaghetti every time she busts through the door, Pinky appearances met with in-studio cheers -- she also talks like a Chicago gangster myaaa sheee? Myaaa!.
It's not that different...?

Dan, you seems to be a nice guy. Have you ever dated someone?

I am terrible, and terribly boring.
Actually, Miss Orange Dress invited me over for Christmas and she visited Montreal over the summer... but we don't talk anymore. She's getting close to 30 and looking to settle and I have nothing on my plate to offer. Her friends are marrying doctors, STEM PhDs and tech startup millionaires and I'm just drawing cartoon butts. And frankly, when it comes down to it, I'll choose the cartoon butts over her (or anyone else) a hundred times out of a hundred. Deleted from facebook, purged from email, goodbye forever.
I've looked around Montreal a bit, too, but it's clear that I'm not going to bring anything positive into anyone's life and anyone who intrudes into my life and steals my comic time will only earn my resentment. That's the truth, so that's that.
Looks like it's 1P from here on out!

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How was the experience of going through Kickstarter for the printing of NNN? Looking back, is there anything you would've done differently about the campaign?

It was great! Drawing those 800 waifus and sketches really helped me out.
Changes: I would have investigated packing material earlier and -- knowing what I know now -- given more reasonable expectations of delivery dates.

Who would you want to voice Cupcake if an anime somehow happened?

Man, hard to say. Maybe Mai Aizawa (Mio [Nichijou], Edea [Bravely Default])? Really, I have no idea.
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That's weird. Something wrong with the counter ... I'll check it out. Thanks.

Ok, draw her in a 3d form, then... Preaty please? :3

I'm sorry, but her a cutest and a best can't exist in 3DPD form.

Dan! Draw cupcake in a realistic way, please? Preatty please? Please please?

I always do. Cupcake is a real 2D magical girl.

hihi dan I heard that you're making a game. Do you need help with the music?

I'll need music at some point, yeah, but it'll be quite some time until I have to worry about that. Best not to involve others until I have something quite solid to show.

Back when you were an naive young teenager, how comfortable were you with watching girly anime like Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura?

I've always thought that was a stupid thing to worry about, even as a little kid. No one bothered me about it anyway since I was loner in the first place and always did my own thing.


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