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What do you call it when you have absolute territory level thigh-highs, but the butt is exposed? Cupcake sorta has half-this, and a more classic example would be Motoko Kusanagi's Stand Alone Complex character design.

Forbidden Territory?

If there was one person who you could say has a shit waifu, who would it be? (you can't say Dan)

Don't bully mai waifu! Who would bully a waifu that is low seriously man cmon

Its rough, but it might actually do a world of good to do a caffeine detox. If you can pull back a lot, you can shift to less amounts for more gain...

NegativeSilence’s Profile PhotoArtemi
Yeah, might be a good idea. I've been having several strong cups a day for ages. I'll switch over to tea for a bit then shave the dosage. : <

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Drink of choice?

NegativeSilence’s Profile PhotoArtemi
Coffee -- though I think I might be overdoing it lately. It might just be age, but I'm caffeine-crashing a lot harder than I used to...

Suppose we took your favorite aspects of each meguca and made one super-meguca. What would she be like, and how fucked would we be?

But that's just Cardcaptor Sakura. We'd be fine.

I'm worried that the wall separating Dan and Cupcake's personalities has been broken and can never be repaired. Will you ever be able to go back to being just Dan?

We are Dan now.

Which MGNQ megucas would you ship with which Fire Emblem: Awakening characters?

Dimunsis’s Profile PhotoDimunsis
Doesn't really matter-- Chrom would NTR my favourite pairings, as always.

Your waifu steps out with another man & she runs off with him to Japan. And the IRS says they want to chat & you can't explain why you claimed your cat. And Ma Bell sends you a whopping bill with 18 phone calls to Brazil. And you borrowed money from the mob, and yesterday you lost your job. What do?

Call a lawyer, hit the gym, delete from facebook, kill the cat, marry the mob, NTR the IRS.
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Hey, Dan, what's the difference between Photoshop CS6 and CC? Is it worth upgrading?

Touch controls (rotation and zoom are the only ones worth mentioning), jaggy pen fix, a lot of extra bullshit. Only worth it if you're pirating.

"Also the character designs for non-imported characters are universally TERRIBLE." Was there some exaggeration there or does this also apply to MGNQ original designs? (How much should I be crying?)

Don't cry too much. ;w; Even a Touhou design can be made acceptable with enough people picking away at the problem... ...

is there a significant difference between photoshop CC and photoshop cs6?

It seems like they fixed the jaggy pen problem. Also nice touch controls and various interface improvements. It's worth grabbing.

Complete this sentence: ____ years worth of _______ made a glopping noise as it flowed endlessly into __________.

100, compound interest, my bank account.

Dan do you have any tips on making smooth lines with Photoshop? Mine always look shaky and jagged

There's actually a known issue with photoshop and wacom tablets.
Things to do:
First, upgrade your tablet drivers and see if that helps.
If not, try each of these in order:
0) make sure snapping is off (view > snap)
1) turn on smoothing (windows>brushes>smoothing [checkbox on left side]
2) turn on Windows Ink mode (wacom tablet preferences > tools > pen > calibrate > use windows ink [x])
3) tun on graphics acceleration [edit > preferences > performance > use graphics card]
4) Upgrade to Photoshop CC (just pirate)

Do the vampire princess and bicky ever have pure hot yuri love? If so I need to see it for science purposes.

That is literally page 2

Why don't you like big breast?

It's just a fake ass! If I were to choose of course I would want the original!!

Where do you pull your poses from when you grind? Completely without reference, just practicing figure construction?

Well, there are two ways I practice:
1) without ref, fast, to test what I can do and where problems are and test stuff out ... you could call this 'diagnosis'.
2) with ref, slow, carefully copying, modifying, breaking down ... you could call this 'treatment'.
For ref, I've mostly been using stuff from Japanese animators (You Yoshinari, Sushio, etc.) and looking at manga with good frame composition, also various game and anime art books... hmm... today, I've been looking at this tumblr @weee_desu tweeted out: http://amiamid.tumblr.com/
tumblr is actually pretty nice for art discovery.


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