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5/5 I'll recover, but I am worried about you. You are in a big city and they are infected. Be safe my friend.

Thank you for your concern, defectivehorn apostle. I will do what I can. Good health to you, your family, and herd!

4/? Musclehorns are having foot racing on empty road ways and fishing in park ponds. I fear that if the death toll grows too high, herds will break in and take over empty houses, stores, and factories. They will prosper over the estates, but could be exposed to the virus as well.

Perhaps your world will become one where the herd rules the surface once again. One can only hope...

3/? Even still, many herds have taken advantage of all the people being trapped in their homes. They have started to roam into major cities and taking advantage of what they can get. They have yet to raid shops but they to take what they can get.

Happy horn shopping trip!!

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2/? To my relive that the wild herds learned quickly about the pandemic and isolated themselves so the infection had no to little impact on the wild herds. I have told them to remain isolated till after fall comes or I tell them otherwise.

I believe we nohorns will have have to hold ourselves up many months as well. I am feeling more like a horn in a witch cave every day...

Defectivehorn Apostle here, We are recovering. I had to run down and...acquire... hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin form where ever I could get it. It works on my kids, myself, and surprisingly my horns as well. I lost about 1/4 of the herd. 1/?

So many horns lost... I am glad you found some medicine, Defectivehorn apostle!

8/8 Once I am better, I need to check up on my wild herds, they might be infected from this as well. You too be save up there Mr. Kim.

Stay safe out there, Defectivehorn Apostle. There are dangerous times for us all!

7/? She came just before we realized we had the virus, so I think she might have caught it from us and she is taking it right back to that witch and her court. If that is so, those Templars are going to be down and out for months.

Well, perhaps this is a silver lining of sorts.
I wonder how the Templar would even deal with such an ordeal. Perhaps they will offer more melons for medicine instead of gear. ;w;

6/? i had to direct the Musclehorns to dig so many graves for my horns. This is hitting me like i failed them. There is a silver lining to this. I got a message envoy from the Garden witch about wanting to buy more fertilizer from me.

Great Witch Algis, not now!!

5/? To ease their pain and symptoms, the horns have made a new type of soup made from wild bird meat, veggies, wild plants and mosses. It seems to work for them, but to me it has a weird taste to it. The sick ones don't even try to snack, just drink their soup.

Normally the horns would use some of the leaves or roots of their precious herdtree in such a time, but without the herdtree... well, perhaps they can find substitutes in your world?

4/? My herds are taking it much worse. I have lost 1/4 of my horns including a precious hornmother. Granted they were all older than normal. None of the smallhorns have died thankfully. To find out a virus can jump from human to horns is disheartening to see right before me.

Terrifying! To lose that many horns. This is no joke.

3/? I suspect my girls picked it up at school and brought it home unknowingly. To them, it's no worse than a cold and I am taking care of them as best I can. I myself feel the same, yet I recovered quicker than my kids. We are likely still contagious.

I'm sure you are well protected by your Apostle powers. But I worry for the rest of those around you.

2/? My wife and son, 2 hornmothers, a handful of horns and smallhorns and to my surprise, all of the musclehorns are in isolation and uninfected. Not even @muscle_Horn has it. I presume his and her type of horn is immune to it. the rest, not so much.

I see... there's some special factor involved then...

Defectivehorn Apostle here. I was going to give you a more... nicer report but something very life threatening has hit me, my family and my herds. The Wuhan virus has come and me, my two girls and the most shocking is most of the herd has it as well. 1/?

Hello, Defectivehorn Apostle!
This is terrible news... and the herd as well?!

~Lunar War: Earthian Archive~ Infiltration Unit: ███ Com code: ██ Regarding universal 280 Hz noise on ███ Dark Moon deep scans. Logistics wrong. Not disperse energy system. The humming of small cleaning robots? Immediately de-prioritize targeting surface locations. Low military value.

>The humming of billions (?) of tiny worker state servants on the moon
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5/5 I do have to keep an eye out if my herds try to start up a brewery. That might be for later, but for now, they are just concerned with building up their food storage and dealing with new herds I bring in.

Thank you for your report, defectivehorn apostle!!

4/? At least she isn't really drinking or I would be upset with her, but she is happy with her delusions. Now I have to make sure she gets her teeth bushed now as well. I am also happy to say that none of the girls here drink as well.

Brushy brushy!
Brushing a musclehorn's teeth must be fun, but also terrifying.

3/? Also, she hid her stash in my back office room. Yes, she pulled up my floor boards but she also tore out my carpeting and moved my furniture. The repairs and replacement of the carpeting is going to cost me. I will inform her horns that over see her to stop that behavior.

Musclehorns are powerful diggers and crushers. Maybe Musclehorn needs a hole to dig to expand this energy... ;www;

2/? At first I didn't know where she was getting them. But then I realize Musclehorn was swiping my Vernors Ginger ale, letting it go flat and stashing it in an attempt to ferment it. It's not going to work that way, but she thinks it is Mead all the same.

A musclehorn that steals snacks... so defective. Normally a musclehorn only eats during hunts while in a blood frenzy or when fed by a haremhorn. Taking food on their own is unheard of, as this would undermine the ability if haremhorns to regulate the overall health of the herd.

Defectivehorn Apostle here, I think I have @muscle_Horn cured of her addiction to smoking physically via my healing Apostle powers, but mentally she is still craving something to fill the void. So it seems she turned to drinking. 1/?


So I've finally caught back up with your comics after taking a long vacation at around 2010 and I'm loving every second of catching up. However I have a question that I've wondered the moment I started reading your comics in 2010. What were you thinking about when you created Paper 11?

Hello! Thanks for remembering (and reading) the comics! Always nice to know that there are still readers from the old days.
As for paper eleven, there were a lot of thoughts and images enmeshed with each other: being trapped "story", the slipperiness of reality when deploying descriptions and images to try and capture it, pure enchantment with the imagery of red riding hood and then wolf, feelings of longing, the inescapabilty of the hunt, the unresolvability of the hunt...
The comics could be seen as as a map born from those cloudy ambiguous feelings.

So Dan. What drawing tablet do you think is the best for drawing? An old artist friend of mine is wanting to get back into it but has never used one before.

Grab a mid tier wacom if he's just getting into digital drawing, or try out one of the new model cintiqs at the store to see if it might be interesting down the line.

7/7 I have appointed extra horns to watch over her until she gets over her addiction to them. Dan, why I am like this over smoking is that I had lost many family members to the diseases that come from smoking. I am not going to let the children fall to them as well.

I am very sorry to hear that, defectivehorn apostle... sadly, it is just like my cupcake to bring trouble to others through her associations. I must teach her to have better taste in men... or better yet, I will send her to a cake boarding school.

6/? The state law probably didn't apply to himehorns when they were made. but as an Apostle, I AM THE LAW to them. I am sorry @muscle_Horn but I want you to live a good long life. So smoking can not be a part of it. I am worried she is addicted to them now.

@muscle_horn .... you better do as the apostle says. Terrible calamities are known to occur when apostles are truly angered.

5/? I gave them all a dressing down over it (excluding Darkcake, she's innocent) and I plan on going over to my neighbor and talking to them as well. In my State of VA, anyone under 21 is illegal to even own smoking products now. Cupcake and my daughters are not 21.

Dark.... who?

4/? That explains why she so willingly takes my truck and drives Cupcake out to her boyfriend's how so much lately. But that wasn't all of it. She slipped out that Cupcake and my own daughters are Vaping! Cupcake's boyfriend does it too and likely got them started on it.



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