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Dan I've always wanted to ask you this! How did you develop your own style? How did it come about, what are your biggest influences art-wise?

Deculture’s Profile PhotoFifty Shades of Decu
It was all guided by function, actually!
I wanted to start work on a dark, experimental comic (later to become Paper Eleven/PXI) and I needed a style that:
a) fit the mood of the work
b) was fast to draw
c) was forgiving for low skill users
At first, I tried to copy Nihei but I naturally drew things with 'blown out' highlights. It looked good, the dark blacks left a lot to the imagination, and it was fast. All good, so I ended up exaggerating and refining that more and more.
For my lineart style, I really only started to develop it to do Cupcake. I couldn't draw her cute enough, so I worked on that... then the cute style didn't look good in action drawings so I looked to Studio Trigger for help --- so a bunch of styles were mishmashed together on the basis of functionality, ha ha. Now I'm trying to make modifications so that things look good with freehand perspective (as opposed to precise perspective).

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Where can I find aforementioned drills and whatnot? I really want to step my skill up to your level. I'd like to think I have a decent grasp of the basics.

Dimunsis’s Profile PhotoDimunsis
Ah, for drills, if you already have a good grasp of the basics it's going to be a case of finding the problem areas you have, finding out how experts do it correctly, then trying to draw just that thing for a couple hours. See exactly what you did wrong, then get it right, then keep on getting it right. Burn it in by brute force if you have to -- like learning how to play piano.
Trying to draw things in extreme perspective and doing rotations can help reveal problem spots.
Also if you see an image that does what you're trying to do but does it better, find out exactly what they're doing different. You don't have to copy it, but do try to understand it.

Who are some of your favorite artists (besides yourself)?

For drawing:
Tsutomu Nihei
Zdzislaw Beksinski
Bill Watterson
And these days, Studio Trigger
For writing:
Kafka (I like his shortest stuff the best)
Lewis Carroll

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You know that if you manage to pull this out the amount of destruction would surpass the waifu explosion of the Katawa Incident right? You are playing with forces you can't control, Dan, the daughteru hecatomb could mean the end of the internet as we know it.

The Age of the Waifu is over.
Are you ready for The Age of the Musume?

I've tried to read NNN before, but I didn't get anything. Whatdo?

Try reading the book the way you'd listen to instrumental music or the way you'd walk through a forest. Don't get caught up on every little note or blade of grass, don't look for a message in the song or a reason why there are 447 trees instead of 448 -- just try and receive the overall effect. You can backtrack later and inspect points of interest later, if you wish. But don't think there's a 'hidden message' or 'hidden structures' you're supposed to tease out, any more than there are hidden paths inside an untouched forest, waiting for you to discover them. You /choose/ and /make/ a path in that forest -- and one path or another seems reasonable based on your interests and goals.
So, it's like that -- there's nothing to 'get' in the book any more than there's anything 'waiting' in the forest for you to 'get'. There's the book. There's the forest. It's there. If you find something in the forest that's useful or good or interesting -- if you find your trip worthwhile -- that's enough.

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Would you buy a copy of my newspaper? If you have any interesting rumors to share, I'd even offer you a free subscription....!

I hear the armpit Miko will do anything for 10000 yen.

Do you have any "next big project" lined up for the future that you haven't announced yet? I'm not asking for spoilers.

I have like 6-7 stories in the Cupcake universe I want to do, there's On The Subject of Witches, this magical girl cyberdungeon game... I have some other things tucked away, too...
I want to live a long time and get this shit done. : /

This is gonna sound cheesy as hell, but I just want to let you know that I came across your site when I was about 16 (now 21) and your work has been an inspiration to me ever since and continues to be one. So thanks for making the awesome artwork/stories and I look forward to your future work!~

Thanks, man! Glad you like the comics. =w=

No advertisements on clone-manga to monetize with. All profits from this site are from store only?

Maybe I should run ads? I used to hate the idea of forcing ads on people, but I formed that opinion back during the era of unblockable popups, terrible flashing banner ads, and webrings. These days anyone who hates 'em just uses adblock plus...

Check out any anime/manga/games lately?

I haven't watched any anime in weeks. Too busy with vampire waifu and thinking about this game.

Do you draw porn?

Cupcake is pure. A pure vanilla cake so don't do a hate or disrepekt on her a caek pls

Sorry for the generic question, but do you have any advice for someone who wants to start drawing?

Don't make the same mistakes I did!
Learn from a book and gain knowledge about techniques (lines, shapes, perspective, weight, shading). You don't have to master the technique right away (who does?) or spend months doing boring drills and studies but at least know the effective techniques, hand/arm movements, etc. A little knowledge will save you from building terrible, nearly unbreakable habits.
Now alternate between drawing fun things (to keep yourself motivated and enjoy your skills) and doing studies and drills. Okay. Now keep it up for the next 70 years.
And two things:
1) Don't be afraid to take on a drawing or project with imperfect skills
A project isn't a proving ground, it's your 900x gravity training chamber. Just have enough skill to survive entry and exit and you'll do better on the next project. Eventually you'll be HUGE.
1) Don't be discouraged if you hit plateaus, backslide, or others progress faster
If you're in it for the long haul, just work on your fundamentals and concentrate on the long term trend, not little 'market fluctuations' .

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On a percentile scale, how many suicides do you expect Mother||Child to cause?

I won't be satisfied until there's no one left to play MotherIiChild II: the despairening

Do you have a streaming schedule, or do you just do it whenever you feel like it?

Whenever I feel like it. : <
Maybe a schedule would be nice? I'd never stick to it, though...

Do you have any tip's on drawing the human body?

Beside the obvious stuff about grabbing a book and learning proper anatomy -- grab an expert drawing (see the attached image from Yoh Yoshinari (?) ) and try making your own small alterations. See for yourself why each line matters, which shapes connect to which, why each shape ought to be that way and not some other way. Take it apart and put it back together the way you'd break down a radio or pocketwatch. Don't just copy -- tinker with 'raw' sketches and see if you can follow their line of thought along with their actual lines.
Also check out drawing videos -- nothing like watching someone do it.
Do you have any tips on drawing the human body

Have you worked on any games before?

I did game design on the following:
Dungeon Hunter 2
Dungeon Hunter 3
DJ Hero ripoff (cancelled)
A Cooking Mama clone
An old version of Spinter Cell 5 DS
A tank VS game on PSN
Some other odds and ends in there, too.

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