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ETFs are usually more volatile than mutual funds, but you and invest in many using a simple broker like robinhood or acorns at little to no overhead expense. Index funds are generally the safest, they are the standard mutual funds compare themselves against ($SPY and $QQQ are a few)

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Info for starting-investment anon!

What was it like being in High School / Early College when the 6th generation of consoles were coming out?

It was an amazing time. 3D graphics were finally getting good and there were major breakthroughs in all kinds of genres. I have so many good memories of that time: playing Metal Gear Solid 3, Ico, Persona 3 and 4, Fatal Frame, Resident Evil 4, Haunting Ground, Silent Hill 2 (there was something of a horror game renaissance), Disgaea, Katamari -- man.
And the Dreamcast! Skies of Arcadia, Capcom VS SNK 2, MSR... good times.
Ahh, thanks for the trip down memory lane, anon.

How do you invest in mutual funds? I want to start saving/investing, but I'm not sure where to start.

Talk to a representative at your bank! An investment specialist will be happy to help you.
I'm afraid I don't know much myself -- I just tell them I've very risk tolerant and I won't touch the money for years (which is true). The professionals take it from there.
Good luck! =w=

I feel like the herd got corrupted after the haremhorns stated using the witchdevice, in a lot of levels. They are even online more often than leedah. :c feel so wrong. I liked it more when it was just Leedah. It made more sense at least.

I think leedah is busy with herdwork. That's the way it is.
A haremhorn (especially a nursery haremhorn) can type away when she's busy keeping a half dozen sleeping smallhorns warm with her body. There's not much else she can do in that situation anyway.
They are getting pretty corrupt though.
The'd probably be corrupted by the southern witch apostle anyway... the goodies and toys she brings are always a bit weird.

When you say invest, do you mean in stock exchange ?

I'm not hardcore enough for that. I just pour money into mutual funds and let the bank guys do their thing. I made some crazy dosh after the housing crash though -- I just got lucky and had a lot of cash on hand to pour in at the right time.

You studied mathematics, no ? In which cases is it usefull for game design ?

Surprisingly, yes. The ability to think rigorously and systematically about things and manipulate complex abstract structures in your head and be familiar with all kinds of mental tools will be a fantastic benefit to you. Just being able to reduce apparently different problems into special cases of the same kind of generic problem and feel at using things like context free languages to structure and structure procedurally generated maps/unit formations/whatever or just be able to talk to the economy guys or the programmers and be the go-to guy who will actually understands their problems -- that's really priceless.
I used to feel bummed out that I wasn't 'really using my degree' but the further I dig into game design and the actual job of being a designer on a team, the more I appreciate just how much math is everywhere and how useful it is for just about anything.

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How do you create your Portfolio, what do you put in it ? (in both drawing and Game design)

Hmm, well I don't actually have a game design portfolio -- instead I have a track record, references and connections. Also a list of shipped games. That's the most important thing... though I haven't shipped anything in a while.
If you're just starting out, I suggest having good paper designs, show you can deconstruct and analyze game systems well, and show you have something extra to bring to the mix: artistic sensibility, creativity, or specialized knowledge in some other field (could be anything: programming, animation, cooking, whatever). You can have some side projects to showcase, but that's not even strictly necessary (though working on such things will help you hone your sensibilities). Also it's quite important to demonstrate that you can work well with others -- that means flexibility, genuine listening, appreciation, and being willing to go to where the other person is and start from there. Games these days can be huge projects with many moving parts and many interface points and anyone with a brittle, demanding, or narcissistic personality will just be a pain in the ass.
As for drawing -- well, I've never had to assemble a portfolio. I do know a very good and very thoughtful art director in the company though... next time we cross paths I'll poke him about what he looks for.

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Erm... I know it's not very polite to ask you that but... About how much are you paid in the game industry ?

It's enough! I live alone and I manage to save/invest about 60% of my earnings each year.
Sorry I can't be more specific.


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