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Did you get yourself something nice today?

I went to an all-you-can-eat Sushi place. It was okay.
I'm going to stop going to those kind of places though -- I'd rather pay a little more for higher quality food. There's even a pretty nice sushi bar near my place that has good quality uni. : 9

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jfc are those prolapsed innards or just the natural effect of having no stomach wall

Prolapsed, scooped-out innards.
It's the traditional Templar maximum punishment: the wicked branch bears wicked fruit; strip and cast out that which is wicked; strip and cast out the wicked fruit.
In the old days they'd eject you into space. In the current age they leave you to freeze to death outside the walls of The City.

Hey Dan, with what you've said about the idea behind Vampire Bride, what do you think of Tennyson's Ulysses? Ironic or no?

It's the first time I've read it. Romantic and noble. I'm not sure if it's ironic or not -- I think I'd answer differently based on how how much I had to look back at over my shoulder.
Anyway, it was really good. Thanks for that, anon.

I usually like to play these games with randoms though. | But then how do you get to enjoy the beauty of sleep bombing?

I've never really played more than an hour or so of these days. Mostly the PSP version which was intolerable due to the camera controls. I keep hearing great stuff about the series though and this seems like the right time to jump in.
I'll have to learn the beauty of sleep bombing down the line. ;w;
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We should do some hunts together in Monster Hunter: World if you decide to get it for PS4. Or will you get it for something else- are you even getting it?

I'll get it for PS4.
Hmm, I usually like to play these games with randoms though.
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What genre of mangas you like reading?

Rom com, moe, sci fi, fantasy, cyberpunk, artsy fartsy stuff, mysteries, period dramas -- pretty much anything except sports manga.
My all time favourite is BLAME! -- I'm probably going to spend my bonus on the entire set of the re-release next year.

What offerings do the witches like? What offerings do they /really/ like?

Algis loves land and flesh. More land for her garden, more flowers for her garden!
Enna takes any old junk, really. And it's all junk.
The Southern Witch is gone, but the Apostle accepts... well, it's a bit of a mystery. She seems to various knickknacks but there's no obvious connection between them and she ends up giving stuff to the horns anyway. Maybe this is just what happens to an Apostle after their witch disappears?

I wish to know more of this pact that keeps one from giving horns a strong military tradition (and guns)

Subjects of the White Witch must stay outside the Southern Witch's Domain. Subjects of the White Witch must not harm horns within the domain or send materials that might harm horns into the domain: poisons, weapons, gas, etc.

Have you played the Yakuza games?

Nope. I want to play Yakuza 0 later. I gotta finish a lot of games first though: Nier, Tales of Beseria, Ni-Oh, Neptunia VII, the rest of the Odin Sphere remake... man.


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