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What was your inspiration for the design of the witches and VB in general?

Content wise, VB is all about what comes in between and after the adventure. Structurally it's about trying to see what kind of pictures might emerge if all we had to work with were "piles of elements" rather than narratives or elements viewed in their natural habitats -- kind of like the way Bikky has piles of junk and "lost things" in her shop in Enna's Domain... or like the residents themselves.
As for the witches themselves, I've tried to design all of them together so they work with that idea. I don't want to say too much about that though.
Visually, all the witches have impressive eyebrows as their main feature. Besides that, each witch's appearance reflects her attitude towards the world: Algis is clean and orderly -- the way she likes her garden. Enna is frumpy and grumpy always patching up old things out of the material of other old things: like her Domain.

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Does Enna knows every single person in her domain? Can she clarify the origin of the cakeist? I want to know where those ingredients come from... I may or may not want to know where to get cheap stuff like he does. Exchanging himehorn knick-knack for ingredients. I am really curious about that shop.

Enna knows everything that goes on in her domain, but the cakeist and the himehorns are not in her domain -- they're in the remnants of the Southern Witch's domain.
Well, that's where they would be if they were canon, that is.

What are facebirds? How could I go about getting one for myself?

Facebirds are familiars from another world, servants of a long forgotten witch.
Although they are said to be bringers of disaster, they are also said to appear at vital moments to those in great need.
Images in the likeness of facebirds appear in many distant places across many distant times -- even on Big Egg.
What are facebirds How could I go about getting one for myself

How difficult would you say it would be for a human to hug every single witch introduced so far without any negative repercussions from the attempt?

The White Witch might accept you if you're a Child of her Garden. But she'll be the one doing the hugging. Just stay put, be obedient, be quiet, and try not to wet yourself.
Enna would never accept an audience from such a foolish human. Just leave an offering outside like everyone else.
You might be able to catch and hug one of Enna's daughters. They all have very different personalities. One of the is very soft on the visitors living on Big Egg.
The Red Witches from the The City are very huggable, but only by sisters. They nap most of the time, so you might be able to sneak one in if you can get past her protectors.
The Southern Witch isn't here anymore and her Apostle doesn't take kindly to nohorns.


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