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I just want you to remember Dan. In the far future when you are in the ground. When Chad has stopped impregnating your daughters. Cupcake will likely starve to death because no one will want to pay the bills for a middle age single mother. How does this make you feel? If only she was raised better.

Darkcake will take care of her.
Darkcake knows that her onee-chan isn't very careful for her money and she's heard the rumours about her troubles with boys...
She believes in her onee-chan, but she always works a little more and secretly puts a little extra aside for her onee-chan each month.

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Oh my... you're not a game designer for nothing, wanna drink some more "reality" 2017 ?

btw, one of the best things about working in the industry is that you get to see E3 from the other side. People work themselves like dogs for two groups of people: their coworkers, and YOU. You have no idea how much people want to delight and entertain you. Most people just really want you to have FUN
good times

Do you think that in life there is only oursleves ? We can only do what we can, there isn't any "universal book to win life" ?

I'd say 'you gotta figure it yourself, anon' -- but it's much worse than that. There's no 'figuring it out'. There's no solution or winning in life -- there's only The Work and The Struggle. But it turns out that's quite enough for a full life if you're lucky.

Dan, do you imagine that you're a hero for some people ?

I've come to appreciate that heroes are less about the supposedly heroic person in question and more about the person holding the image of the hero -- this image being, really, a sort of avatar of something that they hope to harness and graft onto their own being. That impulse to look out into the world and 1) recognize in others what is good and 2) embody that goodness themselves is something excellent and healthy for all people. For that reason, I wouldn't attempt to inflate or deflate that sort of impulse.


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